omg work done!

Great weather for pulling the runner 180 out of the shed and trashing it.


Pity the runners water pump disagreed, typical.


รขโ€šยฌ99.99 inverter welder from lidl, always wanted one, fingers crossed it’s not shite.


See that roll bar? entirely full of water. holes on top, no holes on the bottom.


Did get the tub off finally, all things are in a terrible state, so what ever happens next landrover types will be offended anyway!


all quiet

Ted got a go-kart, we’re investigating engines for it.


Brakes for the cbr turned up,


Ass of the 109″ got unbolted, need extra hands and better weather to finish it off,


Cbr spent it’s first night in the shed, very wet this weekend, poor bike is feeling quite tired now.


Arcade software is getting quite polished now, played bomberman too much already, thumb is killing me, land rover rebuild project get priority (because baby + winter) but i’ll have to squeeze in time for shed/arcade woodworking projects.

stuff bought counts as work right?

So moloch got an update, just hardware, all the 6volt internal fans became external fans and the cpu got a normal 60mm, that happened to be three times deeper then the stock amd fan. only a two wire as well so i don’t know what speed its going at. got it from a sky+ box, nice and quite too ๐Ÿ™‚


Managed to buy some land rover stuff, not a whole chassis, but for the bobs i got plenty, pair of defender axles, rears a salisbury!


The 109’s drums should fit, need a half shaft as well.


A caliper and a railko bush needed on the front, plus a load of brackets hacked off.


Whats this bit called anyway?


better door, only needs one patch and a pretty rare early series 3 bonnet, looks similar to a series 2 bonnet.


Made another patch for the chassis, but ran out of time to weld it in, coz sarge needed his front end rebuilt ๐Ÿ™‚

too hot to do stuff

Added a wiki to moloch this morning, and mario combat, because that game is crack.

today was a hospital day today so didn’t get much, might have found some forks for the yzf, early non adjustable’s but it will get it on the road. then visited a man in carrig, got a pair of 110 defender axles (rear is a salisbury!) , radiator, door, front slam panel/ rad housing and a early series 3 bonnet plus a few brake bits and what nots. picking that up next week.

have a laugh at the poxy engineering this this thing:


On your back covered in filth

So Yesterday i said i’d go off welding, Disappointed to find out i can’t weld under water.


Got out there today, got some nice pics too.


Galvanised tinfoil is not proper repair


Patch i did the other day,


New patch, if you call about quarter of the chassis a patch..


The crack from the insidePHOTO_20140720_130127

And outside


This bit, is not so pretty…


Found a local guy selling some LR bits, gonna see him next thursday, probably everything he has will be better then mine.


Status: bate..

Roof off driving is going well, also i like walking a bit more now…


Door was driving me mad, with out the roof it seemed to be banging alot more, as you can see it’s totally fucked and not worth repairing.


So i patched it up for the craic, extra bits were welded in to support the retaining bolts, they weren’t attached really at either end any more.


Note how thin that bolts shank is, wonder how much longer i can get out of this door?


That, was all a while ago, work got in the way, exams, hospital visits, buckets of rain, usual stuff, so today i finished the door and before i fitted it up i measured an 18mm difference in that gap from the top of the windscreen to the rear bulkhead. bit much i though, was half way through adjusting the windscreen when i remembered i’ve not looked at the chassis in a while….

Cracked the feck out, the bit on the right is not so bad until you realise there is supposed to the an out rigger there, and on the left, behind that hole is the crack. The out rigger it self was repaired with some thin galvanised sheet metal, crap work bites me in the ass.

Also the bottom of the rear bulkhead rotted away a bit and was repaired in the past, probably why the door don’t fit.


Face full of land rover, and also the reason why not many photos today, back on the nokia e51, the sony is getting repaired or chucked not sure which yet.



Lastly i mentioned an exam, i passed it a have treated my self to some serious server hardware, more on that as soon as i pick it up,

catch up


Took roof off truck


Something off the bucket list. not looking forward to putting it back together…


Installed SteamOS, default disc partitioning is sneaky, but i caught it, installed smooth as butter.


Installed CS



Got arse whopped


Bought ETS2, can’t lose ๐Ÿ™‚


Hot weather affecting server, so doubled up the fan over the cpu for some more CFM, didn’t work but it looks cool.


Land Rover wheel bearings

Well fucked, although i got the wrong side, i though it was the left/offside.


The grease went bloody every where, can’t see how bad the bearing is up there but you can see the race is well shot.


Pretty sure i’ve got a pre-80 axle.






Wheel plus drum equals really bloody heavy, for the future 2wd baja/rally mods maybe i should look into light hubs and different wheels, want the land rover wheels but weight is the enemy.




An update!

Been a while eh? Kidney disease, very rare auto-immune Adult Minimal Change Disease, i’ve been in remission for a week, which is nice, so I got a haircut shaved my outa control beard.

Still off my face on steroids, having roid-rage at missing tea towels, eating everything (lost 17kg of water and fat, 72kg stickman now) but it’s time for an update, even half dead i managed to fix a few things ๐Ÿ™‚

Teds new toy!, he wanted a GB500 for sometime, in the end he now has a GB400TT slighty tatty


Tatty is good because it will be getting the dominator 650 engine, then were gonna pop the 400 into the domi for the crack.


Cub90 longstoke racer head, really should have found an E22 head, but I’ll make it work, gonna raise the port to match the 22mm inlet i have, here I’ve finished lapping in the valves, there were well bad. actually the short side turn wasn’t so bad so once I’m done it should flow reasonably.


Nikki broke his car again ๐Ÿ™‚


Noel Quinn top man, lent me this Chinese 110 just in case i blow the 90 racer, the other lads can still have ago.


Niall Mackenzie’s old yzf750r caburys boost race leathers, i fit in them now ‘coz I’m skinny.
likely to let me race in them? ha no.


And finally, over the last month and a half I couldn’t drive the bike, the poor landy never broke down! But it has been getting slower the poor thing. So a service, dad helped with all the bits that needed an arm (and not a wet noodle arm). We replaced the lift pump, fuel filter, oil + oil filter.
Cleaned out the mesh filter in the tank again too. The lift pump should have been replaced when i cleaned and sealed the tank. 1400 miles before i fecking changed the oil, really should have done when i got, lazy bastard.


Also a catch tank for the engine breather was zip tied into place, and some where along the way i replaced the rad cap and chucked the useless engine fan and duck taped up some internal hot air vents to try in vain to keep the windscreen demisted me vaguely warm. two coats, MX gloves, a hat and a full head scarf did most of the work ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s all fast again, needs the correct gearbox oil to speed up the changes, then a longer ratio transfer box. still not enough boost, gonna play with pump setting but i still think it the crappy intercooler and pipe work. Later when I’m not so dependent on it.

Roll on summer, good kidneys and my bike!

more land rover rust

Paid to get the tracking set rather then messing about with string and finding a flat place


It was a bit out…


About 18mm toe out, should be 2mm toe in ๐Ÿ™‚

While it was up on the ramp i had a wander about underneath, lots of rust, this out rigger someone gave up on.


Since i did so well on the xtdr sub frame, decided to do a small patch on the LR. cornflakes box to the rescue!


Just doing this side first, other patch can wait.


Neatly made 3.0mm patch placed.


Got a spot weld or two done, and ran out of wire!


Queue much running about for new wire. the welding didn’t go so well, bit too much rust. The underside was easier because i was welding to the nice thick weld seem running along the chassis.


Tidy up with the angle grinder, then hammered off the drum, brakes are good!


Then went and changed the water for coolant. knew the cap was bad, already have one on order, didn’t think it was this bad.


Welded it up for the crack anyway


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