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Hi all, This blog is all about the stuff I build and more often break, unemployment has its up sides so check back for updates often!

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  • william says:

    informative! keep it up!

  • Robert says:

    Great blog, and great projects!

    If you have any interest in selling a couple items, let me know. There are a few bits and pieces I’m interested in.

  • TerraRoot says:

    i’ve been a bit busy all year for scrapping things but what can i do you for?

  • Richard says:

    I am very interested in the 4ef inlet mani and carb setup you had in the starlet!!
    Drop me an email if you wish. Richardc9052@live.co.uk

  • lad316 says:

    I’m very interested in an item in one of the photos of the bikes.
    The RG 125 Gamma appears to still have the solenoid on the cylinder head.
    Would you sell it?

    send us an email and I’ll send the pic and help you narrow it down.

  • TerraRoot Lande says:

    Sorry that Gamma is long gone to the scrapheap in the sky

  • Keith Parry says:

    I am renovating an Aixam city and hope you can help. How did you remove the service battery? Did you find an alternative to the Charis charger or a wiring diagram for it?
    Keith Parry

  • TerraRoot Lande says:

    Hi, the service battery is behind the passenger side of the dashboard, it being in good health will fix up a lot of charger issues. I never fixed up the elctric side so never replaced the charger, have you looked at any golf cart stuff? The basic hardware is quite similar.

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