Buy that jago!

15×10 inch wheels, 1600 pinto might be from a rs1600 mexico, but i really doubt it, gota check if it has an alloy sump when i go to pick it up next week. They also had a 1600 xflow for sale too with 4-1 exhasut and apparently rally tuned only €150 so even if’s it got less power then the pinto (yeah rite) it’ll go faster because it weighs 100 kilo less!

Much work ahead which would normally excite me, but i still have to wade through the paperwork, gotta sort tax book, join a vintage club and sort insurance.

With those wheels and a 3.77 axle it’ll do 144mph. or 72 in second.

Rednex – Cotton Eye Joe and this thing = WIN

Recycling a NRG 50

The neighbours crashed nrg50, was talking to nadia the other day, said she wanted a little bike to get around on and didn’t care what it looked like.




Only a bit bent!


Sean’s back from his hols in Canada.


Sarges Yamaha neo’s head light and front plastic bit screwed on. look at the back front leg.


Just a bit bent!


Made a bottom bracket to hold on the headlight, done.

Started her up first of all and it sounded quiet and sweet, idled like a dream even drove it a bit, couldn’t turn right and had no front brake but it worked great with some air in the tyres. To be honest it’s a lot of work for a fairly crap bike, might just break it up, use the tyres and front wheel on my runner and try and ebay the engine, there is probably better bikes out there for nadia, maybe i could just teach sarah how to ride on this thing?

My 100th post is a bit boreing, ya?