A day at the drags

steve was bringing his runner so that meant i had to fix mine, shortened up a fuel line and it was leak free and good to go

Steve just used zip ties.

then to alex’s place (he doesn’t live in a cage).

then it all went wrong, it was steves fault you see, we were flatout to cobh flatout back from cobh and some more flatout ness just for the heck of it pas douglas.

I missed that alright, seems that dodgey O-ring in the skull cap let go again (it was quite a hot day, really) i missed the temperature shooting up and then it heat seized. ­čÖü

so a quick  spin on the back of ronans bandit and it was off with the cbr again, the fall back bike.

Made it too the drag race any way and got a few pics, this pink busa was up at our place a while back didn’t know it was gonna be racing!

nice set of puppys there girl!

this bike broke the 200mph barrier in the uk and ireland back in 70’s (i think) ted and mum got up at the crack of dawn to see it do it .

quite a machine.

must dash, gotta sort a shopping list for a faster runner ­čÖé

Mounds of stuff

Teds 3rd place trophy. no idea what going on with that piston.

The shed improves a it more.

The back garden however is massively improved.

Haven’t seen this side of the garage since it was built.

This is where my container is going, which means, yep, lots of rubbish moving about ;groan; will do it after the drag races on sunday.

GOOD NEWS!! i got the job at markeire, doing r&d making a new heat pump, most├é┬áimportantly├é┬áit’s only 2 days a week! perfect, it is now ON, to the shed my minions!

WCMCC drag races.

Guards had a check point setup out side the viaduct before anyone got to the race, i went around the long way. have some pics.

only one pic of a drag bike, nokia couldn’t really handle much else, lots of turbo busa there, this year the hedge was trimmed so we could see really well what was going on on track, lights weren’t working though, so it was a girl with a flag kinda racing with everyone creeping and a few premature take off’s, flags are meant to go down lads not up!

Parked my busa right next to one with the same colour, just to make mine look worse ­čÖé