Ring of kerry challenge

First some non bike stuff

Been pushing my computer abit hard lately playing LOTRO, crap buildup on the cpu heat sink didn’t help stability. bought new quad core components anyway, as this one is quite old now .
Windy weather the week or two ago blew over the poor suffering cbr6, no damage thankfully.

busa and sarah looking well, sarah just finished her first mini marathon. 1h40mins

To the bikes! made it to killarney on sunday and off loaded the honda 50.

the cbr6 tucked up for the day after quite a cold 50 mile spin down.

tried to get a pic of last years team cider bike (on the right here) both bikes are quite sticked up.

Yep somebody really did ride this thing the whole way..

This look like massive fun, suzuki rear end yamaha dt front?

loving the unintentional red white and blue paint job.

O’carrols cove, stopped here for an ice-cream, passing everything out on a honda 50 is so much fun when we got to the head of the convey we’d stop, wait and then pass them all again 🙂

the race bike went great 55mph down hill out of a draft, spent the whole day hunched over the bars ekking out a few mph over everyone else,. the pirelli tyres were great for going around the outside of anything and the ebay shocks meant for a honda dax transformed the handling, it would have been quite boring without other people on similar bikes to play with. Next year i might go on the tuk tuk, or build my own honda fifty on the cheap .

Parts are here!

and well bloody wrapped they are.

PWK copy 24mm, look at the meat left over, could bore that out at a later date.

We now have three rs250’s dotted about the house…

Racing rs125, it’s actually so nice, stuff the rotax 257 in it and it would be a dream.

We have a new dog: Busa. he’s a whippet and in quite a bad state. Nothing 114 euros worth of pills and injection can’t sort.

The pictures don’t show much, he’s got mange, scabies, pressure sores (we hope!) and his tail looks like it might have to go. If your brave here are some before pics :

https://picasaweb.google.com/maireadomullane/MyNewDog# in a months time there should be some much better after pics.


In other news, i upgraded the laptop to ubuntu 11.04, holy shit it’s useless, what the hell is it these days with replacing simple text with unintelligible icons? i know it a beta and all that but i can’t stand it, didn’t mind when canonical first swapped the window management buttons around it was actually a good idea grouping more of your controls in the upper left of the screen, but this is jump in the wrong direction. So all my computers are finally debian now.


Another pet?

He’s called… Jack Shaft. pet cootie.

Jago Sandero?

But first have some (requested) pics of our own charley:

Right to the jeep, not calling it geep any more, maybe i should call it the sandero? hmm. These rear bush’s were not easy to get in.

Got some more paint and degreased the crossmember after i chopped off the engine mounts. finished article next time.

Straightened the plates at the rear, haven’t quite got a standard setup here no crush tube in the top bush so I’ll use and extra nut and lock the top bolt off, can tighten things up later if needs be.

Put the spring together, was wrong the other day about the lower cups being different, just the way/light i was looking at ’em.

Far spring hanger is quite stuck, so today I’ve got fetching red and yellow bush’s hanging out the rear.

Also did some playing with my busa’s idle, much better bike all round with it turned up to 1200rpm, was at 900rpm cutting out at the lights and making the throttle snatchy. cbr6 will be taken apart to have it’s carbs clean and sync’d.

Some paintin

But first some puppys!

The crossmember i got quite cheap had been mangled by my arch nemesis, the imperial system! i was quick to ream them back into shape with an m8 tap, will put and extra nut on the back to make sure nothing moves.

Went off and got some m10 bolts for the rest of the chassis, very little stopping me now apart from the burning sun making anything done outside a hot and sweaty affair.

Painted some more bits up.

While i painted the legs had a closer look, the bottom cups are different! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

More new bajaj frame

but first a dog.

And now the tuk tuk again:

Need to bend over the first bit I taked on, glad it wasn’t fully welded.

Much grinding (in fact most of the day) got me to this point.

A little bit more grinding and voila!

It’s quite off, tried moving it with a brush handle but no luck, need something more manly like a fork leg.

And that’s where I left it for the day, was very hot and sweaty after all that 😛

More tuk tuk frame work

But first, a puppy!

Okay, with Frosty’s help we got it upside down and level, don’t have to worry about the front end being on straight now.

Decided to put the new rails just here, didn’t like the angles i’d have to cut  if I went from the end of the frame rails. This way is better engineering.

The bit i cut out was recycled into a patch.

An easy weld for once, the holed piece of metal in front of my patch is structurally unimportant, Your going to here that alot with this build, structurally unimportant.

Stopped there because I ran out of cutting disc’s dammit.

Pedal box mystery

This weeks cute puppy is a little to excited to sit..

I’ve no idea what pedal box i have in the jago, it’s not an escort one…

EDIT: it’s a mk1 escort box, what the fuck? this does not bode well for the rest of the car..

Jago Geep brakes

But first Kittens!

That ginger bastard kept clawing my back every time i turned 🙂

So to the shed, finally started the tear down of the front suspension of the jago.

the black ones are grp4 top spring mounts, far to big for mine which as you can see i only have one of.

The legs are different! first the rear leaves now this!, I think this one is a spurious replacement from back in the day, it’s quite good, how ever the older leg need a rebuild with fresh oil, research says i should go with 5wt or 10wt oil, no idea how much i actually need to put in yet.

M16 calipers, fuck there heavy, and quite rusted, if i can make em work for free, I’ll use them if not it’s splash the cash time and some wilwoods will appear, shouldn’t mind spending money on brakes.

Wanted the dust shields off, of course only one bolt out of six actually came out, rest were cut off.

Even different springs!, the right one is much longer even with a ring broken off! glad i bought a fresh set 😀

Niki’s dogs.

Niki said he needed a hand getting the head off his bike.

He mixed up the rocker cover with the head so there was allot to do really and not enough time to do it in, the coolant pipes leading into the head were stuck so we squished them.

Surprise a pristine engine, could have eaten dinner off it, this bodes well for the future.

Niki’s dog however would eat his dinner off your face, i got him to stop moving just long enough to take this photo with a chocolate bar. Be warned there will be more cute dogs on this blog because I’ve volunteered for the CSPCA, waves hand slowly “you want to give these doggies a home, even the snarling frothing one-eyed pit fighter” /jedi mind trick