Ubuntu Phone

the tl:dr is crap gui, nice filesystem, good hardware, android bits everywhere, much hope(prayers) for future gui/os forks.


3ma got stripped for race bike bits, forgot how gorgeous it is under the plastic.


2xt rear rim finally installed, ted seems to be serious about going track-daying, next will have to start the yzf, but next week i’ll be off drugs again, that means another three weeks until i get the mental game into fix bikes gear.


two two strokes.

Got the rover started, small leak from the copper washer on the drain bung. also the flapper on the exhaust was open the whole month or so it was off the road, queue buckets of black sooty water splattered everywhere, excellent.


obama agrees. awesome tzr250 oil pump which i have spent forever looking for.


So awesome i fitted it straight away, god i love ebay.


so next up was some welding to the xtdr, front mount was started and tak welded in place.


Chopped out a rusty bit of the rear grab rail.


then chopped out a replacement bit of rail from a tdr 125.


Fitted in ok, but the rot was further along the rail then i though, so instead of cutting it out (no time) i plated it, not so nice but at least it’s strong.


Even managed to bolt on one of the pipe, it’ll be running in no time (ha!)


more bajaj brakes

Well, the old holding down the lever didn’t work so i cracked on with the nipples, which didn’t work either (5/16 size for those interested) further inspection revealed the sexy aluminium drums (well when there clean..) and the fact the rear wheels can be reversed easy like if i need it to be much wider.

So i pointed the blame at the slave cylinders, and i was right! the rubber sleeves had disintegrated and water was left in, created rust and muck just where you don’t need it, clean them up and no joy, bigger 14mm master cylinder bunged on, will weld that up next week.

Tzr250 3ma oil pumps, the short one is the earlier correct for mine one and the long one is in suspect condition as well, bum hats.

I’ve been trying to talk my self out of doing this for a few months now, but the little voice in the back of my head got a tiny foot hold and told me it was okay to make up a photochop, the idea is now fully formed and raging about the place now..

Check the foot peg placement, totally doable, the air box will fit under the seat, a new subframe and tank will have to be made up to go under the seat, a wider seat will have to be made (about 2″) and the bars will need massive risers, i’ll be on tippy toes where ever i stop.

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oil pumps, master cylinders and spuds

Lately there has been some 3ma’s in the local ads so between myself an mick we have been trying to get a few parts together.

Turns out that mick has a spare wonky pump, that i could have for parts, great except i though mine was a differnt early pump.

Well i was wrong, there was just an extra bit of the pump stuck in the case, my pump is completely normal and it could be swapped for a 3xv one, sorted.

Bloody runner is acting up again, broke the 90* bend coming out of the top of the carb, it’s still leaking from the base gasket, the idle screw i think is still too short (26.abit mm from tip to end of threaded section) and my attempt to lengthen it failed from a dodgy aldi/lidi tap, and all the 6mm fuel lines are cracked. And it’s still drinking fuel.

The bajaj has been going well, here is the cbr6 14mm master cylinder and lever chucked onto it, the lever is very nice but it don’t fit 🙁

This is a kawasaki zrx400 rear master cylinder, 1/2″ or 12.7mm (top one in pic) much easier to mount, possibly the wrong size but we shall see soon, i’ve already paid the 100€ for hard lines and flexible hose’s to fit it all up, don’t have the pic of the final bit of welding to mount the master cylinder but it’s done. Just need rear brake lights and a few more wires soon.

Karen, a true irish cat wondering “where’s the spuds?”

the runner the rxs and the tzr

Many updates today.

link pipe for the runner 180/kart airbox experiment has turned up, just have to dig the runner out now..

Got started on sorting the rxs fork. after some measureing i’l be taking 4cm off the length.

picture to remind me how to put them back together.

tzr gearchange lever needed lengthening to suit the aftermarket rearsets.

scrap paper calculations.

scrap metal for the chop

magnet holds it all together quite nicely while i weld.

20mm increase on the long part and 5mm on the short part, there should be no difference in lever throw and i can now change with my foot rather then my big toe nail.

then i sat around looking at this r6, i did not measure the front end to see if it would fit the cbr6….

TZR250 3ma

Well finally got to ride it, didn’t go over 4k, don’t have a number plate so don’t want any sort of attention, it was lovely and crisp gotta find that plate and taste the powerband!

list of thing that need fixing:

the gearchange lever, way too short

handle bar grips worn out

rear brake pads

coolant over flow bottle

set of plastics/paintjob and put some air in the tyres

thats not a bad list all in all..

also cleaned the cbr6 abit.

random coolant bottle which is not right for the tzr

RXS is out of the shed at my house and moved to the garage, ought to get started on that too.


Tzr250 3ma

Definitely going on this years honda 50 ring of kerry  challenge, the race bike just needed a comfy seat, the gearing changed for the hills of kerry and the front brake cable needed a bit of oil. 116 miles on a honda 50 and about 100 more on the cbr6 just to get there 😀

Since i’m waiting for other bits though i’d do something to the tzr. glued on properly the tank rubbers.

the seat is missing something, got the rubber bung from an rg125 seat, which fitted perfect except it took an m6 bolt instead of an m8.

found my rx135 engine, it’s in the red box…

should i ring that number?

Christmas break work.

This scene last year was a mini glacier.

Cleaned up the 32mm carbs, fitted needles which richend the top end and left in the 210 jets.

Bastard throttle cable is near impossible, but i got it

Found a better fuel filter and slotted that in too.

Knew this things are restricting the engine and since i found out where our stash of jets were hidden, they got the chop.


Now all i need is some free time, fuel and dry roads to take it for a test spin. And to figure out where the throttle cable is meant to be routed.

The runner needs some love, so i found it a mirror

And since i got 11.42litres/100km(25mpg!! i may have stolen some fuel at some point i forget) decided to change the clutch springs, the green polini ones are great for a quick get away but i have to use plenty of throttle to keep the bike doing 50k, hence the suspicion that their causeing the crap fuel economy. Also they fit like shit which is i hope the reason for the weird shoe wear pattern.

I was going fit the old ones but I’ve lost the feckers, so i fitted the malossi race ones, which were a much more reasonable poundage and better shaped. Even managed to get em in single handed this time.

Test ride revealed a tiny amount of bog off the line and only once at that, if it still drinks the fuel it must be the rollers, which will make me sad since the buzz from the acceleration is awesome.

Back to FAS tomorrow, but at least the summers on it’s way.

Busa fairings

A big box from china arrived the other day.

Yup, bastards.

Do you see the resemblance?

Anyway, also this week I’ve been helping niki with his gpz500, here we are getting the mateing surface’s quite clean.

Then i was playing with the 3ma’s carbs, at first i was happy to see the 210 main jets, but then i looked closer.. mismatched bits and the carb icing circuit was beyond saving.

also there 30mil carbs ? should be 32mm on a 3ma1.

spares are 32mm, whew, reckon they switched to the 30mm carbs and used the bigger carbs 210 jets and a few other bits to compensate for the race exhaust and the autolube. I’ll just buy some bigger jets.

mikuni oil pump

Right sorting the oil pump leak, it seems to be coming from the spindle (which later i found out was a cam) so i figured there must be a seal on that, that isn’t working.

The plate/arm for the cable off here, can move the cam in and out a bit.

I know nobody can see it(phone cam), but this is what has happened, the top plate has a little finger on it that push’s the back of the cam in. That finger is worn quite a bit, hence that cam can come out and oil gets past the seal. Simple’s. No idea how to fix it though make another top plate with a new finger? finding a second-hand or even a new one is not easy.

grey sludge from the gearbox, No shops open today so I left it there to go find a new pump on the net. No luck so far.

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