things to restore

May put aside 10 mins each day of my break to restore (ha!) either of these things, first this vintage stiga compact ride on, 8hp b&s is probably weather seized and the deck is well fooked, if i can get the engine to turn over i’ll keep the eyes peeled for a second hand deck.

Perfect for teds small garden, even fit through the gate.

Teles two man chain saw, probably sw4, 1940/50’s at least

options here:

a, RPC, just in case godzilla atacks, you never know…

b, strap it to anything, instant +10 manliness, fiat cinqs, ice cream vans, tuktuks..

The Length!

fucking crocodile dundee would be like,”Shit mate, i didn’t see you behind that chain saw. I’ll put my knife thoothpick away now..”

Job stuff

just servicing lawnmowers ain’t all that interesting, but there are interesting lawnmowers..

a duraforce lawnboy, and guess what? yep it’s surging bad lol, i”d buy this twostroke beast just to see exactly how this monster cuts up grass.

also berg toys, this freestyler is actually fun, unlike the cart.

no pics of us *ahem* “testing” it, owner might be watching…..