Gpz 500, sv650 shock

It went right in there no problems, both ends drilled out to 12mm (not by me) and the bottom end widened by 2mil. So half a litre of fuel in and off down the hill we went (niki on the 500, me on ma ‘busa), got to petrol station filled it right up and i took it out gave it full throttle in the hope that that would clear out the carb/engine. Nope and it was raining by now too so i got a bit wet waiting for sean in the van to pick me up, Weirdly i enjoyed getting wet, it’s great once your not having to work in it.’Busa is fantastic very smooth and a really comfy seat, got 160 out of it after about 5mins and in the rain 😀 i’m normally very reserved on a new bike….

Think i’ll find a spare dented busa tank and paint all the busted spare fairings in a tokyo police spec scheme, the bike equivalent of a certain Max’s ford falcon xb coupe…..