TerriCab #2

Well more stuff done. Stuck some plastic feet on, a chopped up chopping board, on the base of the cab and got it upright with out breaking anything!

The comp is ready ish to go in, still playing with wake-on-lan

Super sticky tyres from japan for next years nifty fifty, bt-39-ss, the ss is the important bit!

Got a real keyboard, replaceable cap and switches, metal case, blinky leds, but more importantly really loud blue switches!


TerriCab, nice name for the latest project, been a while with babies, work and winter(s) so lets get back to doing a few things.

first the backlog, Aixam is still not up and running, seems to be a dead ESC.

so i obviously ordered an upgrade! course the batteries are dead now, so it’s still sitting there.

Cbr got fresh tyres, badly needed

need more free days to get the chicken strips off

nifty fifty 2018 went a head, great race, except the bit where it got called early and i didn’t get to go out. πŸ™

and on to TerriCab, i do have some other pictures, it’s the basic shape of a zaxxon cab, can i find those pics? nah.

so lets skip a few step and head to the feet design! MDF soaks up any moisture so putting it straight onto the garage concrete floor is not a good idea, wheels are the best solution, but they cost money, i’ll use a random feed plastic feed bag as a damp proof membrane and two other bits of normal wood

is any of the random pots of paint left around the house non-water based?, no but this can of stone chip seals things nice.

gotta buy a super cheap plastic chopping board to go underneath the feet again, should slide around great.


Replace ma cbr6? Nvar!

Cbr is not looking good, i think its about to finally get that brake upgrade i’ve been thinking about for that last 9 years.


Which brake upgrade is most troubling, 276mm floating, 295mm solid, 310mm floating, 4-pot opposed or 3-pot sliding?

Also the fuel screw got mangalated, this is the spare bank of carbs that are also reluctant to give up a non busted jet.


clean air filter, clean bits of the bike no will ever see, adjust the other fuel screws, got for a spin anyway.


perv’d over this for bit just before i went out.


in other news, blindly waving my soldering iron at a MHL to HDMI converter turned out well.


really it works perfectly!


Also got shed.

IMG_20160225_173946 IMG_20160303_091541 IMG_20160303_091518

shed needs wiring and panelling and an arcade machine. arcade machine first because working ass backward is more fun.

Important new addition to the family

A brand spanking new 5m x 3m steel shed, ok it’s not here yet, but it’s on the way. then the winter slowdown can go feck it’s self after i get a nice warm insulated dry shed.


Christmas pressies for us πŸ™‚ which is mine?


Another pressie, this time a very cheap AM2 motherboard, why is it cheap? because it’s a mBTX and a toshiba, mBTX not very popular anymore (it’s still pretty good tho) and toshiba of a certain vintage won’t play nice with certain types of RAM, last stick in the bottom of the scrap pile was good!


Thumbs up for this one.


Thumbs down for all these


Fix mBTX to a ATX case? epoxy, meccano and some out of the box thinking (geddit? πŸ˜€ ) I’ve fitted 2x500gb sky+ harddrives, they’ll be a LVM data backup as the arcade setup wont’ take much space, (i’m not some wack rom hoarder) the LVM setup will get a 750GB added later. gotta fix up a spot to mount it. Also bought a 4200+ cpu from CEX, it’s runs right now at 2.2ghz i think.


so the older thingy has been dedicated to upto 16bit consoles only, nintendo is well supported, but i’m have loads of fun with the sega megadrive emulators.


Also built a couch, tided a corner and stuck the tv in there. yes i built it, with a chainsaw.


found a souncard and pad in the attic, no idea if it works, but i found something even better up there as well..


Yeap, an N64, sweet as fuck,


the sticks are worn out, but fixable.


just booted right up, even had the save files….


Things done in the garage,  nothing actually, this is mostly teds stuff.


very worn out k3 xl250 cam tensioners blades. probably not going to put that bike back together.


however it has helped bringing this much nicer k0 xl250 back to life.


Very lumpy cam super secret cam for the racing 90, got that months ago, still not fitted.


so long time away from the blog, not much has really happened mostly due to a really wet winter and the medication really slowing me down, going to get the arcade built for the shed, so we can finally have out house/baby/shed warming party πŸ™‚

Ubuntu Phone

the tl:dr is crap gui, nice filesystem, good hardware, android bits everywhere, much hope(prayers) for future gui/os forks.


3ma got stripped for race bike bits, forgot how gorgeous it is under the plastic.


2xt rear rim finally installed, ted seems to be serious about going track-daying, next will have to start the yzf, but next week i’ll be off drugs again, that means another three weeks until i get the mental game into fix bikes gear.


pretty BajaCorsa pics


Front looks a bit low, but it’s more the hill i’ve parked it on.


Deserved i’m sure.

DSC_0015 DSC_0014 DSC_0007 DSC_0001 DSC_0002 DSC_0010 DSC_0008 DSC_0005 DSC_0004 DSC_0013


Think the next best thing would be to make some spherical top mounts, which would give the front a touch more lift and be less shit then the opel solution. this would be good spot to compare something really shit to the opel mounts, but nothing is shit enough.

And one pretty shot of the new server, which i’ve decided to call X101H, and the domain is ramp rather then moloch, not really sure why but i’m alright with that.


extra fat chicks please

Finally fitted the X101H asus eee-pc into its custom box.

IMG_20150113_142813 IMG_20150113_142823 IMG_20150113_145043

Stuck in a new 500GB hard drive today, Point linux, debian just requires more work to stay up todate, i’ll trade the reliability.

IMG_20150119_173428 IMG_20150119_173508

Yep Sky+ box, needs a top lid to finish.

To the BajaCorsa:

IMG_20150113_102140 IMG_20150114_100818

Feck all snow to test the snow tyres.

got my lift springs this morning so i charged in. RJ5398 estate astra f dual rate springs.


On this end, the bottom if it matters which way up it should go in, got a mouth about 55mm wide.


The top of the cosrsa spring is about 35mm wide.


But both of them have one 40mm end, so in it went, it’s not perfect but i can eventually make up a spacer to firmly locate the upper spring. it’s not going anywhere right now, the static sag is a bit on the non-existent side…


Front came off nice and easy, left is corsa right is the combo. had a though after i swapped the first leg, should look at the upper thrust bearing, bit ropy, so a bit of a clean and some grease and on went the second leg.


Rears on, axle stands no longer tall enough.


Getting late, both ends done


Test drive shows that the lack of static sag makes lots of topping out bangs, so to bring that sag back, two spare wheels, all the old shocks and springs and a box of tools.


That left rear shock was leaking anyway, more driving needed, may swap shock about, most of the road holes are on the left anyway

Made it to the shops later, no nice finishing pic, too damn busy. only done 2-3 miles, steering massively lightened with nice thrust bearings, me likey.



Replace front bumper with tube work and a winch next time i’m let out.

Found a serow225 in the shed, nice. think I’ll be getting the knoblies for the xl250.


stuff bought counts as work right?

So moloch got an update, just hardware, all the 6volt internal fans became external fans and the cpu got a normal 60mm, that happened to be three times deeper then the stock amd fan. only a two wire as well so i don’t know what speed its going at. got it from a sky+ box, nice and quite too πŸ™‚


Managed to buy some land rover stuff, not a whole chassis, but for the bobs i got plenty, pair of defender axles, rears a salisbury!


The 109’s drums should fit, need a half shaft as well.


A caliper and a railko bush needed on the front, plus a load of brackets hacked off.


Whats this bit called anyway?


better door, only needs one patch and a pretty rare early series 3 bonnet, looks similar to a series 2 bonnet.


Made another patch for the chassis, but ran out of time to weld it in, coz sarge needed his front end rebuilt πŸ™‚

too hot to do stuff

Added a wiki to moloch this morning, and mario combat, because that game is crack.

today was a hospital day today so didn’t get much, might have found some forks for the yzf, early non adjustable’s but it will get it on the road. then visited a man in carrig, got a pair of 110 defender axles (rear is a salisbury!) , radiator, door, front slam panel/ rad housing and a early series 3 bonnet plus a few brake bits and what nots. picking that up next week.

have a laugh at the poxy engineering this this thing:


Did computer stuff

Got a asus Eee pc, x101H since it’s TDP is only 8.5w this will be the my new owncloud server, how ever it need a big ass 2.5″ hard drive, or some 22pin sata extender cables don’t know which way to jump just yet. Probably gonna mount it in side Moloch with the screen facing outside and multitail/apapchetop running

Stuff done today:

done a sweet html front page for Moloch

done some php

reinstalled OS (don’t mix testing and backports!) got owncloud 6, resynced the lot with SQLite. All on stable release again.

Configured Samba

Setup cron jobs

recent lighting storm affected Moloch cr232 battery and bios, reset the lot.


Ugly pic of an ugly box, but its the beautiful 1’s and 0’s on the inside that counts, πŸ™‚ ?

How did i get an Eee pc? free from the Cork FoneSat people, my sony phone was such a bugger to fix they felt sorry for me and gave me a box of bits in the shape of a broken Eee pc, sweet as fuck. As a bonus the phone works as well.


Right thats the morning done, off to the land rover welding!

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