something got finished (fuck titles)

Rightly tired now, not sure why i took a pic of a blaster 200 a couple of days a go. it certainly won’t fit in a rxs.

Mostly finished the busa today.

Both side are on to stay, dead battery now tsk.

In a burst of energy, i spotted the xtdr needed a head light. so i put it on, taa daa!

Got a job btw, yep working in the body shop in town, expect second hand makeup applied to bikes soon.

More runner jetting

Well parts have finally come for the runner, the oko parts are much nicer (things like a proper seal on the air screw and it’s all brass not plated cheap metal) then the motoforce parts, when i get another one (possibly for the rxs) it’ll be an oko, none of this shit cheap copy of a copy of a copy.

Also fitted new fuel pipes and put a tiny drain hole at the bottom of the airbox, and went for a spin to the petrol station, took 11.33 litres to fill it, so about 11.5 litres for a full tank. after a longer spin with a 107 main jet installed the full throttle flat spot was worse so i’ve ordered a 112 and a 115 which should be spot on.

Got a bargain hayabusa clock cage, fairing fit great now, but i still need some tiny hard to find screws to finish the other side.

Great looking benly 125, first thing we talked about was how to make it something other than glacially slow. turbo rat rod bike?

busa and mad trike ideas

Did i mention the quad we got last week? going to fit the rear end to the monster pitbike out back and make a trike, probably will lengthen the swingarm then we gotta find wheel/tyres/sprockets. I’m sure we have a big engine around some where to go into it.

Back to the busa, got top fairing on. still think the clock cage is wrong.

before putting on the side faring we inspected the small leak from the starter, the gasket seemed fine, but the oil was coming from the bottom bolt, added a soft washer and threw it back together.

Only the right side fairing on, i’m short some bolts since it don’t have all the original pieces. the pics don’t do the blue justice.

Stuff done.

Well started fine tuning the runners jetting.

My pwk 24mm carb has:

Needle          JJH

Main jet        110

pilot              40

slide              3.1mm  tough to measure this

float height  18.8

Air Screw     2 turns out

The pilot is way too rich, at quarter throttle it’s four-stroking like mad and quarter throttle is from 0-80kmh, couldn’t find a 38 jet online so got a 36, may have to put the air screw out one turn, rather then an optimal 1.5, but with a 36 i should be able to get at least an idle.

Also found an injection kit which seems to be built on microsquirt, very interested.

Not much done to the bajaj, tried to get the drum off to check the brakes, didn’t wanna come, so i assume i need a proper diagram of how the front is supposed to come off or it’s rusted on. Got the wheel changed tho.

Busa tank is ready so got started on the fairing, rear posts for the light needed trimming but no other faults yet.

Nice ain’t it? you can see the hump paint don’t match.

Today was a good day.

Turned up at the shed today to find ted is now busy with plenty of interesting work. Slightly confused at  first, why the hell is seans rs250 bike painted blue?

cable operated disc brake, eep!

I MUST get a test ride off this elsie

I promise not to do any wheelies!

Anyway to work, remember the cb1100r in the shed? owner of it is painting the tank for nothing more then cost 🙂

the tank will match the chinese plastic i bought, hopefully we can save the nice embossed S sticker.

busa fuel pump and sender

poped it back in so i can remember what way it goes back together 🙂 once the busa is gone i can afford nice things like tdr250 expansion pipes..

Shot of the size of my side of shed now

the light comes in here, no the door doesn’t actually work.

Borrowed a honda 300 and took a slow ride down to nab’s, an excellent end to the day.

damn you ice!

busa fairings: got 100gbp back so i will try and paint either the tank or the front farings to match. eventually.

Today was finaly a bit warm. last night i put the helmet on in antipation of a ride and it felt very very good! been off the bike so long now that when i put on the boots this morning i had to resize the straps, my calfs have gotten bigger with all the walking. I’m sick of walking.

Though i’d have a play with the bike since it’s been neglected for so long, swapped on a matching front tyre, old one a completely different profile.

Gave the wheel a quick degrease, absolute pita, why did i bother?

Ice claims another hose nozzle thing.

And back in one piece, much more neutral handling, off for a spin and i break my arai’s little plastic visor lock, what am i getting for christmas? 🙂

Busa fairings

A big box from china arrived the other day.

Yup, bastards.

Do you see the resemblance?

Anyway, also this week I’ve been helping niki with his gpz500, here we are getting the mateing surface’s quite clean.

Then i was playing with the 3ma’s carbs, at first i was happy to see the 210 main jets, but then i looked closer.. mismatched bits and the carb icing circuit was beyond saving.

also there 30mil carbs ? should be 32mm on a 3ma1.

spares are 32mm, whew, reckon they switched to the 30mm carbs and used the bigger carbs 210 jets and a few other bits to compensate for the race exhaust and the autolube. I’ll just buy some bigger jets.

Sad News :(

Starting a full time CAD course next monday, 32 weeks of study means no work done. all projects moth balled. Might do something interesting in CAD and post that, clean finger nails for the next 8 months or as long as i can stay away from the shed.

Another surprise in the garage, streetfightered gsxr1100

Too cheap for proper bars? can’t imagine the brake/clutch reservoirs work very well either.

I’d have a standard one please, where the hell is he going with that rear brake pedal?.

I leave my bike at teds place for one night.

So busy nothing got done.

this c200 honda will look very nice when it done, hardly even recognise it now.

got a little busa work done today, head light bulb wasn’t coming out so I took the fairing off as I needed to put the grill back in one of the vents and the clock cage needed more straightening, I haven’t a hope in hell of getting it any straighter .

Busa tweaking

Just a bit misaligned, looks like the left is down a bit, but the top of the windscreen is too high on the left, reckon the left side needs to be squashed a bit closer together. I can ebay new fairing for €430, will save up and have a shiny bike maybe next year 🙂 Also just realised I can now paint the old fairing’s silly colours 😀

This turned up, hadn’t a clue who owned it.

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