Must retire busa

cold tyres, need to overtake, loads of gas at 100km, pass car sideways, had a silly grin for a while after that but really… ffffuuuuu

Need to make a little money to get the cbr back on to daily driver duty, rear tyre, speedo cable and front brake pads about €204. So fixed some mopeds by swapping good parts from the one with the dead engine to the crashed one, changed the boxs around and by god there heavy, also massive space for a wooden flat bed there to0, redneck moped!

sunshine, snow and big ends.

niki’s vl125 had no spark this morning, so yet again there was a mad rush to get something running so he can go to work

Snow intervened, weird because it’s actually a nice day. i was going to put the busa fairings on but with all the running about for niki and the snow i just gave up.

Niki also killed another fourstar bike,low oil and a stupid oil tank design that lets the oil flow away from the outlet when going up hills means the brass from the cage of the big end melted and ended up fouling the plug. Thats two dead ones now, both from lack of oil.