Important new addition to the family

A brand spanking new 5m x 3m steel shed, ok it’s not here yet, but it’s on the way. then the winter slowdown can go feck it’s self after i get a nice warm insulated dry shed.


Christmas pressies for us πŸ™‚ which is mine?


Another pressie, this time a very cheap AM2 motherboard, why is it cheap? because it’s a mBTX and a toshiba, mBTX not very popular anymore (it’s still pretty good tho) and toshiba of a certain vintage won’t play nice with certain types of RAM, last stick in the bottom of the scrap pile was good!


Thumbs up for this one.


Thumbs down for all these


Fix mBTX to a ATX case? epoxy, meccano and some out of the box thinking (geddit? πŸ˜€ ) I’ve fitted 2x500gb sky+ harddrives, they’ll be a LVM data backup as the arcade setup wont’ take much space, (i’m not some wack rom hoarder) the LVM setup will get a 750GB added later. gotta fix up a spot to mount it. Also bought a 4200+ cpu from CEX, it’s runs right now at 2.2ghz i think.


so the older thingy has been dedicated to upto 16bit consoles only, nintendo is well supported, but i’m have loads of fun with the sega megadrive emulators.


Also built a couch, tided a corner and stuck the tv in there. yes i built it, with a chainsaw.


found a souncard and pad in the attic, no idea if it works, but i found something even better up there as well..


Yeap, an N64, sweet as fuck,


the sticks are worn out, but fixable.


just booted right up, even had the save files….


Things done in the garage,  nothing actually, this is mostly teds stuff.


very worn out k3 xl250 cam tensioners blades. probably not going to put that bike back together.


however it has helped bringing this much nicer k0 xl250 back to life.


Very lumpy cam super secret cam for the racing 90, got that months ago, still not fitted.


so long time away from the blog, not much has really happened mostly due to a really wet winter and the medication really slowing me down, going to get the arcade built for the shed, so we can finally have out house/baby/shed warming party πŸ™‚

more swapping bits!

Teds finally got a superlight xl250!, looks a bit rough in this pic, but it’s aleady got a bit of tart up and it looking very tasty, the k1/2 xl250 is much lighter and more sought after then my k3, and is much less broken.


it’s still  broken mind, piston and barrel scored to buggery, teds going to use a cb250rs piston in the k1/2 barrel, it a got a few differences, couple of mill bigger, crown is higher but squish is lower, ted will be looking for some thing low compression, easy to start. but thats all later, need a barrel and piston now! so, take one unloved xl250k3:


Add twenty minutes of bolt undoing:


And we left that there, ted changed tyres on his XL and i got lunch. after lunch i had a stupid idea..


It rolls!, chains fine, air still in the never used sava race tyre.


TDR is not doing anything, so out it came and nope, bottom bearing is huge, listed it as 48mm, probably the earlier tdr with the tube frame, this TDR is 55mm o.d. bottom bearing. pity as it was a clean front end, even it was two long.


RD200 front end is also a possibility, wouldn’t mind a drum brake, as long as it’s better then a stock rxs. don’t have one right now but it might turn up in the future.


Bolted my cbr back together, new found respect for my tiny 276mm after the shot bros brake. new axle collar for the bearings make me happy, i could now tighten up the axles and still rotate the wheel, great! wheel is still banjaxed tho, couldn’t find my spare.


Arcade is going ahead soon, a day spent playing retro arcade games at Sarges house has convinced me it will be excellent


Mega updatesZ!

No excuses I’ve been doing feck all.
Got Married and now i have a proper welding mask, wedding gifts don’t come better.


Also a lathe turned up, nope it’s not working yet πŸ™‚




Took the motor out of the dominator for the GB400, supposed to take the CR gearbox out of the GB and put it in the 650, i’m all for just swap and go playing!


In other news i got this for free… i may have been robbed… (figure of speech mum, your car is lovely!)




Picture do not show ‘orrible hub caps. Recognize the grey paint?

Leaks in the rear, fixed by making a rubber gasket out of a car mat.



Leaking in the front fixed by liberal application of cheap army surplus store stuff. Yes i breath through that pollen filter.


Bit dead that one..



Looking at the stut tops up there and the rear axle..




I have a new found respect for the x10xe, it seems to be pulling the remains of a vectra A/cavalier C. I.E. a fucking huge fat car.

If i fit Vectra rear springs and dampers, Corsa Combo font struts, a winch, some 620mm winter knoblies with the archs cut up and disconnect the EPS, i should feel right at home πŸ˜€

Sunroof is a prime spot for a turret too πŸ˜›

Lastly (that i can remember anyway) is the yzf750, i got some cheap forks and a non busted front wheel. the fork as a bit shite but they don’t leak and a change of oil and some fine tuning of the chome (wet n’ dry ftw) should see the yzf bombing about the place looking oh so 90’s.




That would be, if i could find where the feck i put the top yoke!

also the XL250K3? yep that runs πŸ˜€


Sparkly Sparks

Fixed up the wiring loom, removed the indicators and hot wired the ignition, got spark! gotta work and stuff for next couple of days so the first start will be on monday, right after i score some cheap or even second hand oil. (much flushing to do)


Would love to have this dt400 on the road instead,


Nope. if the engine was less smashed this would make a awesome motard, with rg125 suspension/wheels. Next time.


Rob the front mudguard, almost a perfect fit for the xl. so nice i nearly got caught up in cleaning it but quickly stopped myself. will make a bracket after the engine rattles to life.


moloch now has three cores and an awesome profile shot:


Zero titles given.

Xl’s carb is clean,all thats left before i attempt to start it is one wire and some engine oil.


Took the thicker bros 400 top tee piece to use with the cbr,


Gave it a lick of paint, this will fit on my cbr and give me Mx bars. where to attach them is a whole other problem.


XL250k3: beat it into shape

Air filter is doing the business, not.


all four tappet lock nuts are there, nothing looks too bad in there.


Points, well they are there at least.


Spent the rest of the day beating the clutch arm, got it all in good condition now, the roller bearing at the top is seized and missing a few rollers, so that’ll have to be replaced, but it’s good enough now for a test spin. Also beat the bent arm that’s supposed to fit on the star wheel, good enough for a test spin. only took one whack too, skills πŸ™‚

The camchain tensioner lock up set-up is banjaxed, the threads all mullered, so i had to make something to actually lock the guide. when i replace the guides (have to take the flywheel off) i can take the tensioner out and with that out i can fix the threads. hog it out to M8. it’ll leak a bit of oil but no worries.


Niki came over and we span over the bros for 5 minutes on the land rovers battery, it started! good honda. engines fooked,but lack of oil and 100mph will do that to anything. scrapping it, might try to sell it whole to a breakers but if other people need stuff i’d break it myself and give niki the money.



So, I got nice fat work bonus, but i still couldn’t find any yzf750 forks and the one monkey bike i could find online, the seller wasn’t answering, so i had a choice:


Or this one:


Much humping later, and using the three wheeled berg for a cart, got it up to the garage and removed the linings from the shoes.( must put a l/m engine in that berg)


Pump the tyres, polish with a bit of wd40 and blast off all the dead leaves:


And so, on to everything that is wrong with it, or why it ended up being left behind in our ditch when the owner went back to germany:

Positive gear-changes? no.


Camchain, the only bit i need to tell you here is that the honda setup for locking the camchain guide blades can lock them and be oil tight. the single bolt the previous owner put in there could only do one of those thing, and i don’t see any oil stains outside on the casing.
This tells you a lot about whats going to be wrong inside this engine.


Dreaded seized clutch push rod, magnesium and steel don’t mix. currently soaking in GT86.


Oil filer covered in metal bits and cheap rubber insta-gasket crap.


Rear sprocket is totally foooked, rear shocks are shots, exhaust has nice fist sized hole in it, bright metal dust and a lock-nut from the tappets in the sump, one (only one!) fork seal leaking. and some tape around the inlet manifold. still more horrors to find.

Should have held on for that chinese monkey bike.