i made a funny!

I’ve a habit of shouting “tits!” every time sex is used to sell me something on the tv

lotto came on, i shouted “tits!”, Sarah fed up goes:

“Shes not selling anything,Tim.”,”Don’t care want it anyway!”

Sad News :(

Starting a full time CAD course next monday, 32 weeks of study means no work done. all projects moth balled. Might do something interesting in CAD and post that, clean finger nails for the next 8 months or as long as i can stay away from the shed.

Another surprise in the garage, streetfightered gsxr1100

Too cheap for proper bars? can’t imagine the brake/clutch reservoirs work very well either.

I’d have a standard one please, where the hell is he going with that rear brake pedal?.

I leave my bike at teds place for one night.

engine management check light

you need it to be out these days to take your driving test, so fecking annoying, bulb is a little led soldered to the board so I filled the hole above it with chewing gum, take that opel corsa! and Irelands stupid laws!.

Sat and looked at these for a while, yellow one has a dead four stroke engine and the blue two stroke one has dead electrics, could I make a series hybrid motorcycle out of these? big capacitors are quite cheap compared to battery’s just need an ac controller that can handle 230v.

Then we went to stick niki’s 500 back together, paint is way too soft but it looks good from miles away.. will get some pics soon, phone battery died 🙂

swap one bike and start three more projects

gpz500: it won’t run very well after it’s eaten it’s own (23 year old) airfilter….

NEWS: Since i now own the fastest bike in the world, do i really need the ypvs to put into the xt350? dad has been wanting it for ages, so hes’ gonna put the tzr250 suspension bits on it and tidy it all up, the brother is gonna get the fathers rd375 with it’s long alloy tank and other trick bits so he can finish his own rd thing and i’m gonna put the tzr250 engine into the xt350(sorry choco should have been quicker), also i get this gsxf600, which i can’t decide right now but it looks like it might go into the jago, it’ll be a little two wide for the tuk tuk so thats almost certainly getting the fx400r engine and if the jago is  not fast enough, bigger suzuki’s share the same engine mounts, easy upgrades.

Decisions decisions decisions….

useless extra wheels

Raggin around on that quad today, i mostly had it on two wheels all the time, it didn’t worry me like i thought it would, very smooth transition from 4 to 3 to 2 wheels. Actually it was quite enjoyable.

So that got me thinking again about trike design’s. I’ve always thought that the converted bike types were way to high and would just tip over at the wrong moment, but now?

These are too tall, but i think that the transition on to 2 wheels (lifting the inner) wouldn’t be so bad, might actually be fun, and if i fit super narrow tyres their won’t be enough side grip to lift the wheel also the other problem is the weight is too far forward, CoG needs to be between the rear wheels if i wanna go around a corner at more then 5mph so although moving the engine is lots of work i could move my self way back over the rear axle along with the tank and battery. It sounds like a compromise but i don’t think it’s so bad and i now have a spare cbr to play with 😀 If i design the rear wheel to lift in corners i can do away with a diff and keep the rear axle simple by making it (like a quad) non tilting. Might bash me about a bit on really bumpy roads so I’ll make the foot boards really low so i can stand up easily and move with the bumps.

Fabric roof and a pillar less windscreen, won’t need the jago then, that’ll sell quite well cos of the escort parts, still gonna finish the jago first.

Reverse trikes, awesome looks, awesomely scary when the rear tyre rolls to it edge causing massive oversteer. awesome brown and black streaks.


No pics this time, dead phone again, mostly did measuring today anyway.
quite accurate:

1034mm outer width of spring mounts(includeing 6mm jago frame)

88mm leaf bush width

934mm leaf/spring sadle center

485mm leaf eye to axle

m12 front bolts

quite dodgy:

1346mm wide axle (53″)

1220mm back plate to back plate (48″)

This stuff is from a guy named boswell, who is looking for axle info for his datsun.

the standard 120y axle is 51.5 inches (1308mm) [114.3 pcd]

MGB axle is 52 inches (1320mm) [114.3 pcd]

Ford Capri Atlas is 58 inches (1473mm) [108pcd]

Ford escort English axle is 54 inches (1371mm) [108pcd]

Ford Anglia van std axle is 50 inches (1270mm) [108pcd]

Reliant Scimitar is 53 inches (1346mm) [114.3pcd]

Axle was doing my head in until i saw his info, it must be an escort axle, with an anglia 4.44:1 diff, the brakes however are still annoying me,

Are all 8″ drums the same? I don’t like the single piston sliding thing, but if it were just that i’d live with it, it’s the imperial vs metric thats tripping me up now, are they anglia drums (imperial) or escort (metric)?

blasted TIG flipping cold

Argh, im sick just when I don’t wanna be, course is so short I can’t really skip bits.

I had one of these when I was a kid. The kid that so expertly shortened this one, could barely talk, but he could handle a throttle all right 🙂


Dammit, I got a job.

🙁 well not really a job, two weeks at fas learning to tig weld, crap timing, right where the jago project is at it’s lowest I have to stop working on it. Well just have to sort that shoping list.

Also saw a mythbusters special the other night they made a boat out of duck tape, so I though why not make a car body? it would be a similar design (but not shape) to bmw gina, and I could change it quite easyly. Just have to make the cage a bolt in affair so I can change the roof line.

Jago Jeep, no go :(




In the light of a nice day, there was no way I was gonna buy this, imperial mk1 escort gear, drum front brakes, water in the gear box, engine open to the air, and it looks like the whole front end was in the sea. while I have the ability to fix this up good, I don’t have a nice flat place to rebuild the chassis, so even though he only wanted €250, i couldn’t take it, I’d (for once) rather spend more and get an example that needs less done.

So I’m on the look out for another GRP bodied car, lots of dutton’s meet my criteria, not a lot of em in Ireland though, scimitar ss1? scimitar gts? tvr? gonna pm a guy in Laois who might have a jago jeep, if not then im gonna have to go to england.

Jago Geep

Decided to get that Geep, escort parts are cheap and the jago chassis and body are pretty simple rock sold stuff, in the long term i will grow to love it.

Heres a good looking jago, massive wheels are not really to my taste, but tall skinnys could do me. Compared to a willy’s jeep (which the jago is meant to be a copy of) the front axle is way to far behind and the windscreen needs a bit of a lean back

Things you can do with a real jeep:

If i don’t grow to love my jago i can take the escort parts and find some frame to bolt em to, maybe my own kit car? awesome.

Want to find an early 80-86 ford cvh 1.3 engine it’s really short stroke and would sound wonderfull on full chat with a set of bike carbs and two cherry bomb silencers(?) probably not gonna find one though so may have to settle for a 1.6, really would like a 4afe but won’t be able to sort a t50 gearbox so i’m gonna keep it ford, some midrange engine (lots of the 80’s stuff was short stroke) will have enough power to push it along, it only weights mabey 650kg with all the stuff off (roof doors windscreen).

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