Sad News :(

Starting a full time CAD course next monday, 32 weeks of study means no work done. all projects moth balled. Might do something interesting in CAD and post that, clean finger nails for the next 8 months or as long as i can stay away from the shed.

Another surprise in the garage, streetfightered gsxr1100

Too cheap for proper bars? can’t imagine the brake/clutch reservoirs work very well either.

I’d have a standard one please, where the hell is he going with that rear brake pedal?.

I leave my bike at teds place for one night.

Welding tan

I can’t take a pic but my left arm is like a fecking lobster and stinging like a bitch, however the tuk tuk is very very nearly done, now does any one have a copy of octopussy? can’t for the life of me find any clip of the tuk tuk chase scene, I swear it had a z1 engine stuffed in.

Turned it right way up to continue the welding.

CAD Cardboard Aided Design, think i’ll get myself killed if i tell that joke in CAD class..

Very dead headlight, gone now.

Should have built this patch first, cos I’m after dropping it in there now, magnet ought to fish it out later

rail’s welded to gether very nicely although you can’t quite tell in these pics.

Dragged out the cb1100r to tidy some stuff away, noticed how similar out red frames are…

Played with some of the jago parts, think i’m supposed to take out the roll bar bushs and then replace them with the HD one’s in the bag, probably won’t until the the standard ones are worn/soft.

Found these rear master cylinders off the cbr6, should do perfect for the tuk tuk’s brakes, the plan is to make two pedals rather like a tractor so i can brake independently each wheel, ought to help getting around corners 😀 If they push too much fluid for the drum slave cylinders one master cylinder will do, too old for skids and slides any way 😛

Sold the starlet, needed space for the tuk tuk. All thats left of my starlet is the gear knob, it shall live one in the jago!



Recommissioned this for a friend of my dads, bloody Teflon cables were all shagged.


Made a start on the starlets rear brakes, still seized, little tear in the rubber dust seal held water in there and its a rusty mess, maybe I should forget about it concentrate on the engine and let the new owner sort that out?


Nrg fork bending.


Got it a bit straighter, but then the stem got a little bent, it’s very tough, too tough, so I’ll have to find new forks some where.


Then I got up on the roof and nicked it..


.. to turn it into my new garage floor, the jeep will be here Friday! keep thinking about engines for it, I forget I’ve already decided to put a bmw 316 (probably an m40) in it and find my self looking at 4age to t9 gearbox bellhousing’s. Not that I would actually use a 4age, probably a late 4afe, much cheaper and nearly as fast, downdraft inlet just like a proper engine.

TZR250 into a 125 frame.

Fixed the headlights on the car, it was only the bulbs in the end, no idea why both went at the same time really. Only an exhaust a calliper and the hazard lights to be fixed.


Did we need that bit?


IKT frame plonked on top of the engine to keep it out the way, I am missing a load of bits to make this thing a runner, so Steve G suggested I put the engine in the rg125…..

and it’s damn good idea. I did squeeze a rd400 engine in there before and that engine is a lot longer then the (completely no realation) tzr250 engine, also the sale of the tzr bits might fund the buying of a tsr125 rolling chassis, so i’d have a home for the rg125 engine, it would be my wheelie machine.

TZR 2ma/1kt rebuild

Had to finalely take all my tzr bits back off steve g, shouldn’t have left them there for so long, anyway onto the new project!


This is a 1kt frame that been attacked by a “stylist” knob head. there’s more parts out of frame to the right.


More parts, sold the 3xv frame to ted, he’s gonna put the dr750 engine into it.


Much cursing.


More cursing.


whole fucking extra bunch more fucking cursing of all farmers who think them selves engineer’s. Wasn’t even anyone around to hear me cursing, it was that bad.(1kt engine in3xv frame, not good)


Much sweat was spilt to get this far.


Not as much as was to change these four tyres and paint four wheels, fuck that was hard work. Gonna try and pass an NCT so needed tyres with thread.

ep70 starlet, 4ef engine conversion. Done.


Tip for getting a 90 degree cut to  a pipe, tape when wrapped around properly will meet up with it self on the other side a make a perfect marker to file down to. Got it welded up and plonked it on the car quite quick, was in a rush, looked like rain.


Made fuel pump bracket out of old exhaust (1E) gasket.


You can see it here in the back round,its crap but it’s a temporary bracket. Also crappy wiring not finished yet. That was all it took, some spining over (thanks to a fat battery from choco) and it fired up, last thing to do was the cam cover bolt that broke, you can just see it left of the distributor.


Took off the cam cover and the one that broke was nothing important unlike the others (which hold down the cam caps) so it went back on with a dab of greas and a new bolt.

Situation right now is that there is a knock from the bottom end, could be anything, hope it’s straight forward what ever the problem is, big ends can be done with engine in situ, fecked up breather pipes are another head scratch.

Forgot to tightten up the carb and do up a few clips, really suprised when there was nothing else wrong and it started 🙂

Kyosho pureten alpha gp2



Got the urge to make a scale handling RC car after finding all this when I was moving house, got too many engines and not enough rear ends. Have all sorts of plans but first it looks like im gonna have to spend some money and get a steering rack and maybe a rear end diff.


Still broke right now even though I’m saving money with cheaper rent in my new place, so right now the exhaust for the starlet is waiting, an ep80 exhaust should do the job, but also for under €200 i could get 4-2-1 manifold made for a 5efe, might make more money back on the car if I get a proper exhaust.


Sold this triumph traveller for €20, go me! (don’t look ’em up on ebay)


This turned up, again we have no idea who what when or why, but it has a newly rebuilt head and a badly patched frame. I want it, convert it to single seater like the early 50’s and ride around pulling wheelies.

Runner is going fine, steve’s runner we got going the fine. shit just remembered have to go get him some bits off the runner 125.

Leaking runner 180.


Runner seemed fine no problems, so i gave it a bit of tlc by sticking the plastics on.


fixed up the side bit with green zip ties, matching!


straight away it sprung a leak. bloody senstive italian.


And now i have to take all the plastics off again. grr. Leak seems to be coming from the skull gasket, but it’s also over heating so it’s probably the oil/water pump belt after snapping, just like steves one. except i drove it further with no oil 😀


Got sparks with the starlet engine! no we don’t know what we wired to what or why and it probably won’t work again after it’s solderd up.

ep70 starlet, 4ef engine conversion. pt3.



Fixed last tank leak, will be insured this friday 🙂 it’ll rain 🙁 also will be insured on the runner 180!


more little things done, vacuum hose’s sorted and tubes bunged up.

quick spray over where the petrol leaked through and destroyed the last coat of paint.

Fingers crossed this only needs a switch-able 12v supply to make the sparks appear!

if i had a few spare quid i’d just go and buy an ep80 down pipe to match the 4efe manifold, but i don’t, so some cuting and welding will be done.

red stuff is faster.


fuel pump from a kawasaki, will be making up a different mount point, i just shoved it in for the photo.



inside of distributor.


cat poked out of manifold.

got sort an exhaust gasket. and do tons of little things more. then it’s fingers crossed it starts okay.

ep70 starlet, 4ef engine conversion. pt2.


Injector holes from the 4efe head need bunging up,hammered in some 1 cent coin’s and sealed them with arldite

up for a race?

4ef carb and manifold on the 4efe engine, if i had the time, i would deffinatly put on a set of bike carbs, the holes in the 4ef manifold are much smaller then the 4efe ones

Engine in!

Lots of stupid small things more to hook up and block off (don’t need a carb manifold heater) but im off on holiday for the week, so you’ll have to wait to see if it blows up.

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