start ya bastard


Yzf runs! manually fed the carbs with a funnel and attached a battery directly to the starter motor, will attempt to put it together next day i have off.


bike insurance is up, so i’m tempted to retire the cbr and make the yzf my main road bike. many break downs will occur.

Always wanted to take a shot of a stock corsa next to mine. amazing how you see the same colour car as your own all the time, despite thinking to your mind no one in their right mind would buy a car this colour. Finally tracked this bugger down, and i had my camera on me this time.

20150705-16-46-04 20150705-16-46-28 20150705-16-45-24 20150705-16-45-42

Tall isn’t it? if i could only find a three door in this shade dropped to the floor..

YZF fettling

I debated with my self about taking off the old original 21 year old dealer stickers, then i realized it never came from any dealer with a purple windscreen. ejit!


Put on the top fairing and the side panel with the reserve switch, much faffing about with bolts and rubber grommets, tucked the loom into the fairing out side the forkleg, not sure that’s right. Unstuck the rear brake caliper, put the seat on it and made some brum brum noises, i like it alot, haven’t actually sat on it since i fixed the ride height.


spent some time fiddling with a trx90 we’re turning into the shop tractor, pics next time

Nearly there!

looking lovely in the sunshine.



Got it spinning over, but the closer i look at the loom the worse it gets, it seems a dodgy starter relay to me, but to the PO it looked like a dead battery, so he applied enough voltage and current to melt a few (not shown) spade connectors and wires


Welded up the clock cage, then took it off along with the upper fairing stay and the bars ends for painting. Really glad those bar ends are there, i hate the high frequency vibes from un-weighted bars and i haven’t seen this type of thread in one before, hard to find?
Welding was super awesome easy with my new auto darkening helmet, might never weld with mig again 🙂


Took a picture this time to prove where these bits are, no losing them like the top yoke!

YZF on it’s wheels

No scratchs! also is that sunshine? weird..


bleeding brake lazy style.


there is a soundtrack for this pic:
wheels of fire

needs a better pics but you get the idea 😀

track day on schedule!

Weel foook! so that was where the yzf bits were, hiding under a bunch of camper gear stuff, who put that shit there?


Once it’s on the wheels, i’ll roll it down to the real shed and weld it up.


Lucky teds is doing the painting, coz i’d have the tyre on all ready and all the paint chipped.


whats left? put on tyre, test drive.

Mega updatesZ!

No excuses I’ve been doing feck all.
Got Married and now i have a proper welding mask, wedding gifts don’t come better.


Also a lathe turned up, nope it’s not working yet 🙂




Took the motor out of the dominator for the GB400, supposed to take the CR gearbox out of the GB and put it in the 650, i’m all for just swap and go playing!


In other news i got this for free… i may have been robbed… (figure of speech mum, your car is lovely!)




Picture do not show ‘orrible hub caps. Recognize the grey paint?

Leaks in the rear, fixed by making a rubber gasket out of a car mat.



Leaking in the front fixed by liberal application of cheap army surplus store stuff. Yes i breath through that pollen filter.


Bit dead that one..



Looking at the stut tops up there and the rear axle..




I have a new found respect for the x10xe, it seems to be pulling the remains of a vectra A/cavalier C. I.E. a fucking huge fat car.

If i fit Vectra rear springs and dampers, Corsa Combo font struts, a winch, some 620mm winter knoblies with the archs cut up and disconnect the EPS, i should feel right at home 😀

Sunroof is a prime spot for a turret too 😛

Lastly (that i can remember anyway) is the yzf750, i got some cheap forks and a non busted front wheel. the fork as a bit shite but they don’t leak and a change of oil and some fine tuning of the chome (wet n’ dry ftw) should see the yzf bombing about the place looking oh so 90’s.




That would be, if i could find where the feck i put the top yoke!

also the XL250K3? yep that runs 😀


An update!

Been a while eh? Kidney disease, very rare auto-immune Adult Minimal Change Disease, i’ve been in remission for a week, which is nice, so I got a haircut shaved my outa control beard.

Still off my face on steroids, having roid-rage at missing tea towels, eating everything (lost 17kg of water and fat, 72kg stickman now) but it’s time for an update, even half dead i managed to fix a few things 🙂

Teds new toy!, he wanted a GB500 for sometime, in the end he now has a GB400TT slighty tatty


Tatty is good because it will be getting the dominator 650 engine, then were gonna pop the 400 into the domi for the crack.


Cub90 longstoke racer head, really should have found an E22 head, but I’ll make it work, gonna raise the port to match the 22mm inlet i have, here I’ve finished lapping in the valves, there were well bad. actually the short side turn wasn’t so bad so once I’m done it should flow reasonably.


Nikki broke his car again 🙂


Noel Quinn top man, lent me this Chinese 110 just in case i blow the 90 racer, the other lads can still have ago.


Niall Mackenzie’s old yzf750r caburys boost race leathers, i fit in them now ‘coz I’m skinny.
likely to let me race in them? ha no.


And finally, over the last month and a half I couldn’t drive the bike, the poor landy never broke down! But it has been getting slower the poor thing. So a service, dad helped with all the bits that needed an arm (and not a wet noodle arm). We replaced the lift pump, fuel filter, oil + oil filter.
Cleaned out the mesh filter in the tank again too. The lift pump should have been replaced when i cleaned and sealed the tank. 1400 miles before i fecking changed the oil, really should have done when i got, lazy bastard.


Also a catch tank for the engine breather was zip tied into place, and some where along the way i replaced the rad cap and chucked the useless engine fan and duck taped up some internal hot air vents to try in vain to keep the windscreen demisted me vaguely warm. two coats, MX gloves, a hat and a full head scarf did most of the work 🙂

It’s all fast again, needs the correct gearbox oil to speed up the changes, then a longer ratio transfer box. still not enough boost, gonna play with pump setting but i still think it the crappy intercooler and pipe work. Later when I’m not so dependent on it.

Roll on summer, good kidneys and my bike!

bit of this, bit of that.

yz250f in the garage, shock has a good 4 inchs of travel (without the bump stop, nearly 5 inchs), since then i’ve dropped the idea of using a mx damper, found a qa1 59 series shock, 9″ travel, shock valving to suit me and €48 a corner.


Wanted to know what year yz i had, left the pic here, because of just how sharp it is, really get the hang of my phone + focal app.


Gotta repair the land rover tank, gave it a massive power washing, found tiny hole by the drain hole.


so for the price of some two pack epxoy, i tried to seal the bash plate to the tank, cost about €30. worth a shot i thought.


tommorow this seam will be dry, and i’ll give the tank a coat of paint then see if it will keep diesel in it.


After that i still hadn’t enough exercise, (new job , sitting on my butt, loads of spare time + money!) so to help getting on with the yzf i slapped on a new tyre we had lying around.


eek! rim has been welded, possibly why the front tyre is always flat. may have to sort that later with a can of tyre weld.


Done!, also had to replace the tyre valve.


michelin pilot sport hpx, should suit the weight of the yzf. tomorrow more work.

more coffe, more work


Had busy day, finally stripped the forks off the yzf. mmm six-pots…


No more things found wrong thankfully


More things wrong with the truck, looks like a hub seal on this corner.


More holes on this side


But it’s all painted in one colour!


Other good news : adjusted the brakes fully, stops great now, slapped in a cheap boost gauge, only making half the boost it should so there is more power to come!

might have forgotten a few things, keep forgetting to bring a camera with me.


The bin has been modded.



Hols started on saturday. now that i’ve gotten over the christmas party hangover i spent two hours today on the YZF, first the fuel tap. Opened it up, had a look, diaphragm seemed fine, hmm, ah no spring? should be fine now. Didn’t bother replacing some of the other seals, don’t leak so no worries! actually some of them i have no idea where they go.


looks like the seals for the electric reserve tap, hope the reserve tap is ok.


Took off the top yoke to repair the holes drilled into it. probably fill it with epoxy and use a very thick primer/filler before painting it standard silver.


Also i soldered all the dodgy wireing, no pics of that it’s very boring.

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