bit of this, bit of that.

yz250f in the garage, shock has a good 4 inchs of travel (without the bump stop, nearly 5 inchs), since then i’ve dropped the idea of using a mx damper, found a qa1 59 series shock, 9″ travel, shock valving to suit me and €48 a corner.


Wanted to know what year yz i had, left the pic here, because of just how sharp it is, really get the hang of my phone + focal app.


Gotta repair the land rover tank, gave it a massive power washing, found tiny hole by the drain hole.


so for the price of some two pack epxoy, i tried to seal the bash plate to the tank, cost about €30. worth a shot i thought.


tommorow this seam will be dry, and i’ll give the tank a coat of paint then see if it will keep diesel in it.


After that i still hadn’t enough exercise, (new job , sitting on my butt, loads of spare time + money!) so to help getting on with the yzf i slapped on a new tyre we had lying around.


eek! rim has been welded, possibly why the front tyre is always flat. may have to sort that later with a can of tyre weld.


Done!, also had to replace the tyre valve.


michelin pilot sport hpx, should suit the weight of the yzf. tomorrow more work.

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  • choco says:

    If your using epoxy to stick things together. I wouldnt use anything else other than JBweld. The shit is strong iv used loads of other epoxy brands and they where all shite. I dont think you can get JBweld here you have to get it off the net. I just finished respraying the rgv’s frame and swingarm. The hardner in the paint i used the first them wasnt right so i had to do it all over again but seems to have came out ok this time. Getting the dents out of the tank and spraying that next week and iv to coat the inside of the tank with epoxy sealer too :)That yzf will be great 🙂

  • TerraRoot says:

    what did you use inside the tank? i wanted to seal the inside but people said you can’t with a diesel tank. might have my tzr on the road real soon, finally found an good oil pump, from japan, just have to win the auction now.

  • John says:

    I never heard of it not working in diesel tanks. I haven’t done it yet. There loads of kits on eBay to choose from 🙂 that’s good news that the tzr project is moving forward 😀

  • Anonymous says:

    Keep on writing, great job!

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