Sad News :(

Starting a full time CAD course next monday, 32 weeks of study means no work done. all projects moth balled. Might do something interesting in CAD and post that, clean finger nails for the next 8 months or as long as i can stay away from the shed.

Another surprise in the garage, streetfightered gsxr1100

Too cheap for proper bars? can’t imagine the brake/clutch reservoirs work very well either.

I’d have a standard one please, where the hell is he going with that rear brake pedal?.

I leave my bike at teds place for one night.


Welded up the gaps in my wetal work today, engine comes in and out easly which is a relief. trew on some triflow/hammerite type paint. nearly all the mounts are done with now, the lower rear chain side mount is a bit iffy but that might need alot of reshaping to avoid the chain anyways so i’m gonna leave it for now. might try bargering ted into sorting out the electrics next week. might even start it…


all the mounts are in, need final welding.

With the big stuff nearly done, (the engine has to come out again to finish) started on the time consuming but easy stuff like cables.

here the rear brake setup is installed, but the engine sits to far out for the original brake pedal, so i cut it off, since ted has no right leg this is not really a problem, we can all use the hand brake.

Is that a little bent? can’t find the right clutch cable, i have one that fits the engine but does not reach the bar, it should because the throttle cable can and does reach. need to mod another cable to (probably another clutch cable) to be the brake cable, which will be installed where there front brake lever would normally be.


really sucks.

Found this in my back garden, kawasaki 750, needs some head work but is all tidy otherwise. would make a comfy seated tourer for the gf and I.

installed the throttle and oil cables on the trike, too cold wet and sick to do much else. and this project is a shit idea.

nsr80 forks are about the right length, doubt i’ll install em.

Four stars new bikes. TGB’s taiwan golden bee’s. no really.

They needed new batterys after sitting in the warehouse for three months, had good GS batterys too.


well the trikes engine is in, took loads of photos, curseing lack of batch upload now.

started with nsr frame…

…and finished up with these

fiddled with engine placement all morning. hard to do with only one set of hands and a dark garage with a slopeing floor. one of the tires has no air so the trikes nowhere near level.

first a temporary adjustable front mount is tack welded in, it allow the engine to move back forth and sideways, but not twist.

i’ve used this piece of metal for years to align sprocket’s.

taken all these pics so I’m gonna use em!

spilt a lot of oil out of the gearbox when it was upside down, oil breather in built into the top rear engine mount.

first pic with body work on.

if you follow the links and zoom in you might find that the chain is out of alignment, i blame the poor light.

luckily i made some provisions to move the engine sideways with some spacers.

ugly bugger, ain’t it.

the tack welded temporay front mount.

both rear mounts there, top one will be finished next week, engine will have to come out again.

same deal this side, some strenghting may be added to bottom mounts.

can’t really see the chain aligment there. rear sprocket will be changed anyway and i doubt that the new one will be in exactly the same place.

totally wrecked after all that. most of the day was taken up makeing the first tempoary front bracket, plain sailing after that.


Yep changeing my work day to tuesday. dont get too excited. Can get a bit more work done now that the girlfriend is going to college, not that i did a lot today..

My cbr’s chain was a little worn, brand new chain and oil change at 33000miles on this set of clocks.

This is the best way of get the new rivet link on to the chain. much better then bashing head against it like i did last time just before the Scotland trip.

Not much done to the atc, the big hole is all patched up and i put on the wheels, as i pushed it around (i was not makeing engine noises!) i noticed just how bad the understeer is. not gonna need that front brake for sure. better rear brake couldn’t hurt tho.

Next week will see me dicking around trying to get the new engine in, unless some thing else breaks.

Decided to get a cbr1000f, got three reasons,

1. good enough for two up sunday rideing.

2. when i kill it, the brake/front end can live on with the cbr6(plus some other bits).

3. the engine (provided i get a 89 onwards) will be bullet proof and under 1000cc perfect for a cheaply taxed lotus sevensque kit car. just add a turbo!

Sarge made my car really stinky. you think metal can’t retain a smell? you ain’t seen whats in sarges bin bags…..


Turned up all ready to tear into the trike and my dad sits me down..

“Son i think superchargers are for pussys, why not shove in an engine with four times the power?”

So we did. all thoughs of complete and utter uncontrolabilty were through out the window so fast you’d think i was a war scientest.

chain run looks good, and its compact and narrow.

Whipped out the cd70 engine, note how many layers of metal are in that hole, six! goddamnit

This is with the lower engine mount in the same place as the cd70 lower engine mount. chain run ain’t to bad. but the gearbox looks like it will run dry and the carb will leak too.

This is better, chain tensioner will be putting the tension on the inside of the chain now, and with the engine so far forward, there will be a big space for a oil bottle, maybe even a battery!.

This arm was welded on. then some ejit put the tension bolt back in. wtf? why?

Spare metal, as you can see it’s a bit bent.

After cleaning up the rust the inner skin had some supports welded in, and the outer skins were welded together.

And thats the outer skins added in, big hole still in the middle, but it will have to wait until next week when i shall be tryin to figure out where to put the supercharger. Or devolping superhuman reflex’s and mad rideing skill.

maybe i should remove the starlets suspension just to see what it feels like..


Only managed this, and i cut a hole out of a diet book and hid chocolate in it as a anniversary present for my girlfriend. Will do more next time.

And in nabs favor, it’s looks like i have no choice but to move to the wilton shop, in 4 weeks time. when the brother of the area manger wants you to work in his shop you dont get no other viable options. Pah at least i’l make more money for a change.


Went on a bike run sunday at least 480 bikers were there, damn rolling road block runined the experience, not doing it again. fuck the little dying kiddies.

little bit cluttered but very nice, ted did the engine in this.

Color blind bike, who forgot to do up his helmet one day had a little crash, afterwards he decided to paint build this.

Monday was a long day, got a my rod ends in the post, they look great but wont fit, coarse thread. my fault for not asking about it from the ebay seller. but then again it should have been specified. no matter there were cheap and next time i’ll get the right thread.

Slapped in the washers on my rear dampers, which helps to keep em in one piece, used a thiner washer rather than the std very thick washer cum bump stop thing.

Did a little work on the atc, my shoulder and broken thumb stopped me from doing alot.

It looks bent, but i will have to measure it.

going for yellow and black, completely didn’t think that out really. yellow hammerite is about 3 time more expensive then black, if im not careful i will end up with one of those horrible flip paint jobs.

After dinner went out to mallow to fix up the guy who fixed my laptops bike, just a bit of welding and lots oh wd40.

didn’t go with Gentoo in the end, trying ubuntu with a faster desktop.

Tuesday went to dublin zoo, quite nice up there now, not as many animals walking about the place as fota, but it did have a citifarm, which brought back memories. i want straw as a floor!

A Trike!

Bought this yesterday, e100! everthing is bent cut busted and rusted except the tires and probably the brake (singular, rear) i say probably beacuse i haven’t actually looked at it and it might be busted anyway. had loads of plans to bigger better engines but now i think i’ll just fix/fit the engine in it weld up the HUGE cut/hole in the frame and sort out that rear wheel, the axle teeth are stripped so i’ll have to either pay for a new one (yaright) or weld the hub to the axle (gotta get it straight) maybe way in the future i’ll get a bigger chinese copy engine, but as soon as it’s fixed i want to see what driving with no suspension on the road feels like 🙂 did i mention it has a frame number and a few other legal nicecitys?.