WCMCC drag races.

Guards had a check point setup out side the viaduct before anyone got to the race, i went around the long way. have some pics.

only one pic of a drag bike, nokia couldn’t really handle much else, lots of turbo busa there, this year the hedge was trimmed so we could see really well what was going on on track, lights weren’t working though, so it was a girl with a flag kinda racing with everyone creeping and a few premature take off’s, flags are meant to go down lads not up!

Parked my busa right next to one with the same colour, just to make mine look worse 🙂

Cork Bike Show

i could have brought my cbr6

quite a few extremely old examples

Best chopper, you can’t tell in the photo because the light was shit, but it has some very nice brass touches, like the speedo which you can just make out. the fake cam covers are nicely done.

turbo quad. me like.

found this pic of when it first snowed after christmas 🙂