bikes in ditchs

Most of my bikes are safety stored in the ditch, no idea how they’ll survive once i have my own shed. buggers will probably never start.

take my runner 180


fork chrome shot, rubber on the filter of the kart airbox cracked, seats a bit buggered, front wheel (not the tyre) won’t keep the air in.


kick it over a few time to fill the carb with three year old petrol, clean the rust off the plug, started third kick. no sweat.


This? not really a problem, pm55 on the way! moar power!


pm55 won’t come with a silencer, but i got loads, dug this short one first, its a chamber type.


The carbon one is from a aprilla rs125, straight tru. worst looking too, so it’ll look just right.


Found the tzr250 anti-rocking bar, gotta repair the engine cases where this bolts to first before i mount the rear part.

two two strokes.

Got the rover started, small leak from the copper washer on the drain bung. also the flapper on the exhaust was open the whole month or so it was off the road, queue buckets of black sooty water splattered everywhere, excellent.


obama agrees. awesome tzr250 oil pump which i have spent forever looking for.


So awesome i fitted it straight away, god i love ebay.


so next up was some welding to the xtdr, front mount was started and tak welded in place.


Chopped out a rusty bit of the rear grab rail.


then chopped out a replacement bit of rail from a tdr 125.


Fitted in ok, but the rot was further along the rail then i though, so instead of cutting it out (no time) i plated it, not so nice but at least it’s strong.


Even managed to bolt on one of the pipe, it’ll be running in no time (ha!)


Getting ready for winter.

Honda 50cc trails bike, so tinchy. only let down on this jewel is the steel rims.

TDR pipes have arrived! got em for €112, bargain!

Dug out the xtdr.

They miss the tank and the petrol tap, the hardest to mod, the frame how ever is getting the chop, no biggie, it’s all ready mauled.

New tyres all round again for me, pirelli dragon evo 150/60, whipped off a sumo bike that seemed never to have been leant over? lots of chewing up in the centre section from engine braking.€60 bargain.

I though i had a dragon evo front to match, but no it’s actually a dragon supercorsa, yay more track tyres in winter.

Also fitted the black exhaust pipe, quite on idle, raspy on accel and the fueling is right again. Gotta fit a new fork seal next week no excuses!

something got finished (fuck titles)

Rightly tired now, not sure why i took a pic of a blaster 200 a couple of days a go. it certainly won’t fit in a rxs.

Mostly finished the busa today.

Both side are on to stay, dead battery now tsk.

In a burst of energy, i spotted the xtdr needed a head light. so i put it on, taa daa!

Got a job btw, yep working in the body shop in town, expect second hand makeup applied to bikes soon.

XTDR250, rear mounts done.

Inner mount tack welded in.

Outer mount weled up beatifully.

Then it went a bit wrong, welded the inner mount outside in the bright sun and it was a fine weld just a bit tow much to the mount side rather then in the middle.

Outer mount bolted in with two m8’s, this is so we can take the engine in and out with the solid subframe.

Inner mount all welded back again properly, lot’s of heat went into it so it bent a tiny bit. worried that it was bent all over the place so i chucked the engine into the frame to check alignment.

Held up the front with rope and lo! the chain run was fine 😀

standard tzr250 pipes are not gonna work

Not a lotta space for a high up rad. low rad will catch a lotta crap from the front wheel.

Looks like it could wheely away forever.

XTDR250, rear mount.

Looking at tdr pics on the net, I should have loads of space for tdr250 pipes, only concern is the width of the frame near the stingers.

Bought a new m10 drill bit, old one was extremely worn and got started on the rear engine mounts.

One down, will weld this in on Thursday.

Second one half done, making this one a bolt in job because i decided to weld in the subframe and needed the clearance to get the engine out again in the future.

XTDR250, clamped in jig.

Other day i chopped off the this badly welded on foot peg. Haven’t put it back on yet.

Today i turned up with this, now i can use the very powerful pillar drill to make holes in my 6mm thick steel 🙂

Missing this spacer, probably gonna have to make a new one.

Engine all blocked up and level, frame now clamped at the rear.

used two blocks of wood to make sure the engine was aligned properly to the frame, will change these for some thing smaller later, gotta get the engine further back.

I needed the rear wheel on so i could sort the chain run, that made the rear very heavy so i put the front wheel on too, this reveled that the chassis wasn’t quite on the level so i raised the front of the engine again so it should be level in the frame when it’s finally on its wheels.

Cute little clamps i bought ages ago coming in handy.

Used a front spacer temporally on the back to align the wheel.

now gotta find out what squat i need, at the moment the axle to the sprocket is 10cm and the sprocket up to the squat line is 3cm, once the static sag is taken up  that 3 cm will drop quite a lot so i gotta figure out what exactly i need before i start welding.

xt350 with tzr250 motor

Well not too much done today, took the frame off the engine and took out the rear suspension, then arc welded a plate onto the frame for the rear engine mount.

Can’t see too well in the pics but the welds turned out beautiful!

Used 6mm steel because it’s all i had, 4mm would have been lighter with a little brace around the back probably stiffer too.

Gotta place the engine back into the frame now and continue with the rear mount.

Had a look on last night, some hardcore xt’s there and as a supermotard it really looks well as, not tempted to do that unless i really can’t afford tyres. More then a fair share of pics with blown engines in them 🙂

XTDR250, appetites back!

zipping around on the runner 180 and has brought back my mojo, must get bigger faster harder two-stroke!

First rescue rear axle from seans stalled rd400, after i had gotten it out it looked a little similar to a tzr axle, since we only have one xt350 axle that would be handy if they were the same

Slot axle into second xt350

And haul out, looks a little low in the seat area for my idea of a hard core off road tdr, aww well, it’ll still be fun though.

this yamaha cruiser thing (bloody cruisers!) came up with a dead battery, got it started and everything seemed ok… then it seized repeatedly, an engine that won’t turn seems a lot like a flat battery. bloody cruisers.

Right frame on the table and with the help of the rolling bike i got it level.

Was gonna use the other bike but it looks like some sort of wierd acid rain left blotchs of rust on the whole arse of the bike

By comparision, just have to fix this and she’ll be right! (well appart from the welded on right footpeg, will have to work around that)

Had to have a sit on one to see what their like, it’s just like my old xl250r paris-dakar ‘cept a bit lower, that xl was brilliant on bumpy back roads.

Right on to real work chopped off the the xt’s down tube and chopped in half the farmers tzr subframe. Now i can slide the engine back in up and down all i want

Will have to pull the top of the brake pedal out a bit to get the engine further back.

Done for the day, little too much procrastination going on but at least i got something done.

The sprocket is 2cm further forward then then on the xt350 engine, probably can shorten that to 1cm when i mod the brake pedal, other then that it’s not too bad width wise, the kicker probably won’t work and the gear change is gonna need a linkage, just hope a set of tdr pipes will fit without melting the seat or clouting the tank.

XTDR 350 er 250!

fresh tyre on the way! and damn it is useful having a paddock stand

So some more garage cleaning up was done, I found both xt350 heads and promptly chucked em both outside and then played with an nsr 80 gearbox cluster self learning all about dog engaged gearbox’s, much easier then reading about how it works.

Now that there was some space, It was time to restart the xtdr project only this time with the tzr250 motor instead (cos I swapped the ypvs350 for complete gsxf600), Can you spot the tzr250 engine in this pic?

I own both xt350’s now so this frame is on the table for the time being but I think the other one is in much better condition. Footpeg’s not welded on for a start..