Jago Jeep wheels

found a set of 15″ vw steelies in the shed of our new house, so it’d be rude not to slap the tyres onto the wellers and try to put the jeep on it’s legs.

No bothers getting the tyre to pop.

Not very stretched at all.

Bit of a difference in gearing huh?

have to find some way to pull the half shafts out of the axle to finish the rear brakes.

Feck all done to the Jago again

Well i got 8.2l/100km outa the runner, thats probably as good as it gets for now,fun as it is probably will have to go back to the cbr.

Got something done to the jago. The paint wasn’t so thick that the crossmember wouldn’t fit. however the paint didn’t like the rain or the ice .

Also someone nicked one of the bolts i got to put the crossmember in. it was probably me and i’ve forgotten. Got tca’s in with much lube and two big hammers. Fitted the arb then ran out of light for photos.

arb clamps need plenty of  paint, decided to call it a night then, next day i’ll find a few more parts the need painting and do a batch.

thinking of getting a gsxr750l and turning it into a gsxr750rk(l) rep

This is a great inspiration, also those three pics are now my desktop backround forever!


Some Jeep progress

Only thing really stopping me from starting the rebuild of the jago was the weld from old engine mounts that were blocking the crossmember from slipping on. I was just too lazy to get all the extension cord out and grind them off.

But yesterday i did it. It was a bit tight even with the extra welds ground off so some hammering widening the ‘ears’ out a bit.

then i painted the left over bit’s from last time, hope the paint isn’t so thick it won’t fit back on.

More jago jeep

But first i got me a haynes manual for an escort mk2 75-80, lot’s of small useful titbits in there like brake master cylinder bore sizes and most usefully a wiring diagram!

Gave the second coat to the crossmember, it’s coming out well. Also did a bit more to the chassis, really needs another coat.

Matching yellow & red bush’s, tre’s garish no?

Decided i’m gonna finish the bumpers in red too and then the body work and wheels shall be matt grey, the subtle red bits should stand out with out taking any body’s eyes out.

Jago Sandero?

But first have some (requested) pics of our own charley:

Right to the jeep, not calling it geep any more, maybe i should call it the sandero? hmm. These rear bush’s were not easy to get in.

Got some more paint and degreased the crossmember after i chopped off the engine mounts. finished article next time.

Straightened the plates at the rear, haven’t quite got a standard setup here no crush tube in the top bush so I’ll use and extra nut and lock the top bolt off, can tighten things up later if needs be.

Put the spring together, was wrong the other day about the lower cups being different, just the way/light i was looking at ’em.

Far spring hanger is quite stuck, so today I’ve got fetching red and yellow bush’s hanging out the rear.

Also did some playing with my busa’s idle, much better bike all round with it turned up to 1200rpm, was at 900rpm cutting out at the lights and making the throttle snatchy. cbr6 will be taken apart to have it’s carbs clean and sync’d.

Some paintin

But first some puppys!

The crossmember i got quite cheap had been mangled by my arch nemesis, the imperial system! i was quick to ream them back into shape with an m8 tap, will put and extra nut on the back to make sure nothing moves.

Went off and got some m10 bolts for the rest of the chassis, very little stopping me now apart from the burning sun making anything done outside a hot and sweaty affair.

Painted some more bits up.

While i painted the legs had a closer look, the bottom cups are different! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Welding tan

I can’t take a pic but my left arm is like a fecking lobster and stinging like a bitch, however the tuk tuk is very very nearly done, now does any one have a copy of octopussy? can’t for the life of me find any clip of the tuk tuk chase scene, I swear it had a z1 engine stuffed in.

Turned it right way up to continue the welding.

CAD Cardboard Aided Design, think i’ll get myself killed if i tell that joke in CAD class..

Very dead headlight, gone now.

Should have built this patch first, cos I’m after dropping it in there now, magnet ought to fish it out later

rail’s welded to gether very nicely although you can’t quite tell in these pics.

Dragged out the cb1100r to tidy some stuff away, noticed how similar out red frames are…

Played with some of the jago parts, think i’m supposed to take out the roll bar bushs and then replace them with the HD one’s in the bag, probably won’t until the the standard ones are worn/soft.

Found these rear master cylinders off the cbr6, should do perfect for the tuk tuk’s brakes, the plan is to make two pedals rather like a tractor so i can brake independently each wheel, ought to help getting around corners 😀 If they push too much fluid for the drum slave cylinders one master cylinder will do, too old for skids and slides any way 😛

Sold the starlet, needed space for the tuk tuk. All thats left of my starlet is the gear knob, it shall live one in the jago!

tuk tuk frame part 3-ish

Chopped out more of the old frame, bit difficult to get in there but I got it it the end.

Decided to take a risk and chop the other side too, it hasn’t fallen down. tomorrow will finish the other frame rail then next week it’ll be all welded together.

ebayed 8″ drum came finally!

New crossmember, arrived from a IrishEscortClub member, just the suspension top mount to find now.

Pedal box mystery

This weeks cute puppy is a little to excited to sit..

I’ve no idea what pedal box i have in the jago, it’s not an escort one…

EDIT: it’s a mk1 escort box, what the fuck? this does not bode well for the rest of the car..

m16 calliper rebuild.

Got the pins out and then discovered the pads were stuck in there too! nothing a hammer couldn’t fix

Seals plus the little rings to hold seals and the pads.

Yeah looks like the seals didn’t do there job, and it seems that the brake pipe thread is a bit botched on one side.. m16 rebuild stops here? four pot wilwoods on the cards?

Frosty came round in his excellent new van, just needed a small patch on the backbox, tomorrow he is helping me take metal and the welder out to sarges old house to do some work on the tuk tuk!

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