Carpet covered cloud server


Well that vt6410 card don’t work, bios has to support it, probably use the card some time in the future anyway.


So carpet covered server?


Weight them down to make sure it’ll stick well


Then i decided it should be upside down, so i got the small draper hand rotary drill thing (don’t say dremel!) and drilled the five holes i needed to bolt in the meccano hard drive caddy.


Then i decided we didn’t need a face


Extra usb internal ports, will be some how running debian as the system drive here, usb booting is crap with this motherboard, only recognizing the usb every now and then. also at this point the draper’s drill bits melted trying to drill the slightly thicker motherboard caddy metal, so i just just use one nut and bolt to hold the usb female ports on.


Now i needed quiet, most people use either resistors or a 7 volt mod to their PSU’s. i just found a 6v wall wart in my pile of stuff and wired up two big fans with the best bearings. also made it unplug-able in case of upgrades and just to make installing the wires around the case easier.


Hair bands, from back when i was long haired and cool.


Plastic meccano missiles, coz what the fuck else am i gonna use them for?


Here we are, really quiet, sitting on it’s face now, heat path should all be up. hard wired for speed, administrated via ssh, sitting at 52 degrees which is a bit hot, but it’s a warm day and fuck it, i’m not worried. Named it Moloch….


Next is a longer IDE cable for the hard drives, the one i have that will fit is ata33, then some fucking about with a usb key as the system drive.

Teds ypvs racer is looking well!

rPHOTO_20140404_130643 rPHOTO_20140404_130719 rPHOTO_20140404_130708

Proper radiator needed to cool the athena 397cc top end


YPVS pre-93 racer


Teds got a racer license, so a 50’s+ one legged man is entering pre-93 races with a ypvs. yeppers.

Made of some left overs… 2ma wheels right now, but i swear there is some 2xt bits about the place



Rs250 shock, tinchy 2ma rear 2.5″ rear wheel allready found the 3.5″ 2xt rear, no sign of front at the moment..