the yearly update…

Just under a year since the last update, gotta find an easier way to post here,

anyway here’s a request, yes thats the rxs100/ysr50 back there, no it’s not coming out.

during lockdown i remember to take short spins every night for my mental health. New fav is this dt175mx, lots to do, probably never do it tho!

shed clear out

After rearrange, started work again on the rg.

Expensive, but now the shed (near 5 years since i bought it) has power, got a armoured cable, ethernet, separate breaker switch and this lovely light switch installed!

Really got to get back into this again, but projects are at an all time slow with life and other boring stuff happening.


more swapping bits!

Teds finally got a superlight xl250!, looks a bit rough in this pic, but it’s aleady got a bit of tart up and it looking very tasty, the k1/2 xl250 is much lighter and more sought after then my k3, and is much less broken.


it’s still  broken mind, piston and barrel scored to buggery, teds going to use a cb250rs piston in the k1/2 barrel, it a got a few differences, couple of mill bigger, crown is higher but squish is lower, ted will be looking for some thing low compression, easy to start. but thats all later, need a barrel and piston now! so, take one unloved xl250k3:


Add twenty minutes of bolt undoing:


And we left that there, ted changed tyres on his XL and i got lunch. after lunch i had a stupid idea..


It rolls!, chains fine, air still in the never used sava race tyre.


TDR is not doing anything, so out it came and nope, bottom bearing is huge, listed it as 48mm, probably the earlier tdr with the tube frame, this TDR is 55mm o.d. bottom bearing. pity as it was a clean front end, even it was two long.


RD200 front end is also a possibility, wouldn’t mind a drum brake, as long as it’s better then a stock rxs. don’t have one right now but it might turn up in the future.


Bolted my cbr back together, new found respect for my tiny 276mm after the shot bros brake. new axle collar for the bearings make me happy, i could now tighten up the axles and still rotate the wheel, great! wheel is still banjaxed tho, couldn’t find my spare.


Arcade is going ahead soon, a day spent playing retro arcade games at Sarges house has convinced me it will be excellent


the runner the rxs and the tzr

Many updates today.

link pipe for the runner 180/kart airbox experiment has turned up, just have to dig the runner out now..

Got started on sorting the rxs fork. after some measureing i’l be taking 4cm off the length.

picture to remind me how to put them back together.

tzr gearchange lever needed lengthening to suit the aftermarket rearsets.

scrap paper calculations.

scrap metal for the chop

magnet holds it all together quite nicely while i weld.

20mm increase on the long part and 5mm on the short part, there should be no difference in lever throw and i can now change with my foot rather then my big toe nail.

then i sat around looking at this r6, i did not measure the front end to see if it would fit the cbr6….

Runner 180, kart airbox

Busa looking well!

rxs100 head badly modified to fit a rx135 barrel, may have a go at the rxs again soon.

oko pwk carb with filter on that doesn’t fit.

if the tyre was new…

test spin! nothing fell off anyway, didn’t open her up, needs more running in, the noise from that filter is unacceptable.

it rubbed, su-fuckin-prized?

think i’ll make it fit the bajaj.

So i’ve ordered a lamellar kart airbox from, they had excellent dimensions. should be here in two weeks (back ordered)

this one was also considered, bit its a little odd shaped.

this one is suposed to be best but i can’t find any dimensions


Sad News :(

Starting a full time CAD course next monday, 32 weeks of study means no work done. all projects moth balled. Might do something interesting in CAD and post that, clean finger nails for the next 8 months or as long as i can stay away from the shed.

Another surprise in the garage, streetfightered gsxr1100

Too cheap for proper bars? can’t imagine the brake/clutch reservoirs work very well either.

I’d have a standard one please, where the hell is he going with that rear brake pedal?.

I leave my bike at teds place for one night.


No broken bits this time not even any skin, extremely bruised back though, bit tough to breath, sitting on couch with a board behind my back to ease the pain.


ejit made an illegal u-turn across my lane, alwell least i took a big chunk of it.


bit cold the other day!  clocks need setting straight they were always a bit bent looks a lot worse now with the screen to align them with.



125cc racer, note foldable pegs, large 90 tank, sticky rear tyre, can’t race this because its breaks the rules, but we might as well finish it now. Will bring it to watergrasshill to test it along side with my rxs100 probably next month since the race is feburary

RXS100 cafe racer,first run,1975 trabant and Irish made jago jeep.


Needed a head light, so i got a 12v light meant for a caravan.


sorted! not, little bulb flops around like crazy, well it’ do for a spin. (sorry bout the pic).


Which i duly enjoyed, Only the bit that fell off 🙂 God it was biblically loud thou and not very fast but good fun, handle bar weight worked perfect. With a 17bhp 171cc engine this could be a winner.


Oil pump cable stuck open, needs a bit of tlc.

So about this time decided to take out cbr and head to kerry to look at a classic car for me.


Cbr broke its throttle cable as soon as i got it out of the garage, a sign that buying a 34 year old two stroke car may be a bad idea?


Found another crack in the airfilter.


Gaffa tape. spare cable slaped on and i was off to kerry. got very wet.



They has this in the back of there place,Zxr 250 with a cracked swingarm, might replace it with a zrx 400 one at home, theres a slim chance it would fit.


This is the trabant,1975, leaf sprung rear lots of rust underneath the duroplast, didn’t really suit me. what bulk head? (gaffa tape is not a bulk head)


This Jago jeep was also right there think i might go for it,it’s not really a jago jeep this is the Irish version made in Limerick that has nothing to do with jago. cheap short escort? needs front struts,crossmember, new engine, new floor(plywood) wipers windscreen and wheels, still works out cheap, have to insure it as a ford escort though, can’t insure it as a willy’s jeep kit car. Thought it was a mini moke at first it was so low, but it turns out the spring cups had rusted away from the struts dropping it on it nose.

Rxs100, gear linkage, rear sets.


Wham bam reverse gearchange mam. okay yeah ugly, but quick.

While at that, I broke the power supply to the garage, so we went to buy a new one and while at the electrical store,  saw some internal lamps that might do for my head light, gonna have to spend money now 🙁 tried to get a job with noel quinn, no luck with that either, job hunting is becomeing an ass pain.

ep70 starlet, 4ef engine conversion. pt3.



Fixed last tank leak, will be insured this friday 🙂 it’ll rain 🙁 also will be insured on the runner 180!


more little things done, vacuum hose’s sorted and tubes bunged up.

quick spray over where the petrol leaked through and destroyed the last coat of paint.

Fingers crossed this only needs a switch-able 12v supply to make the sparks appear!

if i had a few spare quid i’d just go and buy an ep80 down pipe to match the 4efe manifold, but i don’t, so some cuting and welding will be done.

red stuff is faster.


fuel pump from a kawasaki, will be making up a different mount point, i just shoved it in for the photo.



inside of distributor.


cat poked out of manifold.

got sort an exhaust gasket. and do tons of little things more. then it’s fingers crossed it starts okay.

rxs100 first drive.


It lives! went for a blast up the road, nothing fell off and it seemed to carburate fine on a 120 main jet with the pipe and airfilter. foot pegs seem good gear change is impossible no nasty vibes from the handle bars (heavy bar ends doing there job) will get a number plate soon and sort proper insurance.


Ted was fixing this thing up, bloody noisy clutch.


Engine is ready to come out, had to jack it up like this and remove the wheels and disconnect the hubs to pull the CV joints free of the gearbox. Now it’s back on it’s wheel, will get engine out on thursday or friday, then steve said he’d help with bangin in the new engine.


Saw this outside local shop v6 mk2 capri. starmags for wheels i think?

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