awesome day

first day off work today, so had a lazy morning then got cracking,

the bajaj got another carb, dellorto 21.5 left over from the runner plus the ginormous air filter.

It was still misbehaving after that so i stripped off the tin ware to have a look just in case and then replaced the coil with something that had been left out side in the rain for 4-5 years and not just one winter.

And by fuck it worked! reved out sweetly but hung so it’s lean, least i can find jets for this carb, but it may be a better idea to buy another 24mm oko, since i have a few jets for that. Second hand expansion pipe, shorten up the inlet, 8000rpm CDI and some porting. Yeah still slow but i think thats not really goning to be a bad point.

Then the day got even better, new helmet arrived and the fooker fitted! ­čśÇ goes well with new jacket too.

Can’t wait for first paycheck

New job is fun

I’m├é┬áofficially├é┬áa├é┬ámechanic├é┬ánow, i actually have a job fixing engines, ok its only lawn mower engines, but it does have its advantages, like the first pair of tractor tyres like below that turn up i’m nicking├é┬áthem├é┬áto change the tuktuk into an offroad terror/survival vehicle.

the 7 foot long two stroke two man chainsaw, i’m keepin as a secret project……

bajaj nearly there

Bad news! i got another job, so yep less interesting things on the poor blog, like welding rusty bits of scrap to other rusty bits of scrap. But more money for shiny things, like tzr 3ma fairings and tdr 250 exhausts.

well times slipping away, sorted a switch for the brake lights.

And a beefy battery box.

Not pictured is the bungee cord to hold the battery in and the wiring for one of the rear lights, the vespa mismash of the ac and dc systems have me a little nervous, but i think i have it now.

fecking thing won’t start now again.

STOP! the guards say..

Lights and indicators, cheapo four function trailer lamps will do the job for a few miles until vibration kills em’. Still have to make a new loom for it, all of it. ­čÖü

looks all nice and├é┬álegit├é┬ánow……..

welding rubbish together

This is what the pizza box holder looked like prepaint but post final welding. have got any pics of it painted. it was fun making it but it’s no work of art.

So├é┬átoday├é┬ái fixed up the bajaj’s foot gear change, needed another lever to make it a heel toe setup and spare metal to lengthen the cable arms, so the rg125f’s homemade rear set got the chop.

Ain’t it lovely? the ratio i used was 21/8 or as close-as-damn-it 2.5/1, handy to know for anyone├é┬áattempting├é┬áa vespa foot gearchange.

off to the london excel show this weekend, hope i score a nice helmet. Gonna bring a nice book so i can avoid drinking.

A seat.

Don’ t think this is a very exciting update, chopped up the old├é┬ábenches├é┬áin the shed and welding them to the tuk tuk

Fire? nope just an rs250 being started up.

Braced, still needs a bridge in front to lock the seat down. it’s only held in place by two bolts at the back at the moment.

Penetration shot…

Runs now, but i just parked it up, soggy ikky rain.

I has brakes!!!

Well it turned out that the bajaj shoe adjustment is done by the handbrake cable, no flipping auto adjustment! still spongy but it stops well, also it seems the holes in the floor have another use; light for when your working underneath ­čÖé

won’t run now, figging carb.

Next i might have to go back to delivering pizza for extra money, so the cbr got a look over. Found a foot hanger that has a raised fulcrum point for better gear changes. It was in the scrap pile, looked brand new.

after some research it turned out it was an f3 hanger, and nope i didn’t have a f3 gear├é┬áchange├é┬álever. So i tried to make a new pivot brush, that didn’t turn out so clever, the lose brush i found was 0.17mm too big and after half an hour of filing i gave up.

So the lever i needed had to be 10mm spaced out, much easier to make then the blasted pivot.

needed a longer adjustment bar, rg125f to the rescue, 2secs in the vice to straighten it out.

On it goes, gear change has improved! thank fook, i would like a longer adjustment bar but thats a bugger to make, may just buy an f3 lever some time in the future, maybe if i make some money lol.

back to the shed

all hail not sitting on your arse eating leftover christmas chocolate.

found a 450 supermoto at the garage for repairs, engine is leaking life blood from everywhere, wouldn’t find that on a two-stroke. much.

on the other hand it wouldn’t have taken a proper mechanic to fix it either.

Got stuck into the bajaj, tore off the rear slaves to go see if desmond’s could re hone them, once they saw em, figured it would be easier to get new ones since they had similar ones off a peugeot, cept these were 19mm bore rather then 25mm, think they’ll match the 14mm master cylinder much better and they are dead cheap too. Another bonus there metric and desmonds would swap the imperial nipples for free. job done

‘Cept i ran out of light. curse you sun!

more bajaj brakes

Well, the old holding down the lever didn’t work so i cracked on with the nipples, which didn’t work either (5/16 size for those interested) further inspection revealed the sexy├é┬áaluminium├é┬ádrums (well when there clean..) and the fact the rear wheels can be reversed easy like if i need it to be much wider.

So i pointed the blame at the slave cylinders, and i was right! the rubber sleeves had├é┬ádisintegrated├é┬áand water was left in, created rust and muck just where you don’t need it, clean them up and no joy, bigger 14mm master cylinder bunged on, will weld that up next week.

Tzr250 3ma oil pumps, the short one is the earlier correct for mine one and the long one is in suspect condition as well, bum hats.

I’ve been trying to talk my self out of├é┬ádoing├é┬áthis for a few months now, but the little voice in the back of my head got a tiny foot hold and told me it was okay to make up a photochop, the idea is now fully formed and raging about the place now..

Check the foot peg placement, totally doable, the air box will fit under the seat, a new subframe and tank will have to be made up to go under the seat, a wider seat will have to be made (about 2″) and the bars will need massive risers, i’ll be on tippy toes where ever i stop.

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bajaj brakes

Got brake lines in pretty quickly.

There a bit all over the place, should have spent a bit more time measuring the lengths.

Still there all in and not leaking (yet)

The bleed nipples are imperial, so i’m not risking rounding them off by using them thus i needed to raise the front like so and put a weight on the pedal, let all the air travel up in its own good time to the├é┬áreservoir.

If it all goes well, i need to fix a brake light switch and brace the master cylinder mount, then the electrics.

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