Mounds of stuff

Teds 3rd place trophy. no idea what going on with that piston.

The shed improves a it more.

The back garden however is massively improved.

Haven’t seen this side of the garage since it was built.

This is where my container is going, which means, yep, lots of rubbish moving about ;groan; will do it after the drag races on sunday.

GOOD NEWS!! i got the job at markeire, doing r&d making a new heat pump, most importantly it’s only 2 days a week! perfect, it is now ON, to the shed my minions!

Autodesk Inventor

is my new bitch.


Spent the day making a better chassis to match that nice front axle,no pics yet, tomorrow will (no more rain pls!kthxbi) hopefully go to the shed and measure up the english axle and some engines to go in.