try to do stuff

managed to go on the new years day run, feeling wrecked from the meds, so i took the cbr, i was still wet next week it rained so hard. next year i’ll be on the c90, no excuses.


Bored in the house with all he ice and rain, fixed up a door lock, fascinating.


some ejit threw all this out, sky+HD box gave up a nice 3.5″ 500GB harddrive, sata cable, ata to sata power adapter, a neet little heatsink. the cheap drill worked perfect the battery fits my einhell charger. haven’t found a 12 brick to power the netlink router yet, i have a desktop PSU that would do it but i’d have to chop up a working brick to get the right connector, i’ll get it done later.


Today i actually made myself get out, figured it was time to service the car.


Only 2-3 years late. could park a bus in the spark plug gap. and yep the filter was fecked, i know this car is shit but you’ve gotta give it some credit for not dying on unfiltered oil.


yes we got another lathe. no we still haven’t got the other one working…


start ya bastard


Yzf runs! manually fed the carbs with a funnel and attached a battery directly to the starter motor, will attempt to put it together next day i have off.


bike insurance is up, so i’m tempted to retire the cbr and make the yzf my main road bike. many break downs will occur.

Always wanted to take a shot of a stock corsa next to mine. amazing how you see the same colour car as your own all the time, despite thinking to your mind no one in their right mind would buy a car this colour. Finally tracked this bugger down, and i had my camera on me this time.

20150705-16-46-04 20150705-16-46-28 20150705-16-45-24 20150705-16-45-42

Tall isn’t it? if i could only find a three door in this shade dropped to the floor..

Inappropriate parking edition!

Maccy D’s overflow car park.


Soggiest bit of ground at vernon mount.


Careful now almost ended up on the track. and that would be bad.


Crappy hand brake won’t even lockup downhill on mud..


Then i went the long way to dunnes for the shopping.



Okay it wasn’t that difficult a long way around.


Also i’m shit at action photography 🙂

20150201-14-06-36 20150201-14-20-16 20150201-14-30-48 20150201-14-30-22 20150201-14-30-10 20150201-14-29-58

I’m better at puppies.

20150201-14-09-40 20150201-14-08-18

Totally fit the BC in their, though they might notice one of these things is not like the other, so instead i went home.


pretty BajaCorsa pics


Front looks a bit low, but it’s more the hill i’ve parked it on.


Deserved i’m sure.

DSC_0015 DSC_0014 DSC_0007 DSC_0001 DSC_0002 DSC_0010 DSC_0008 DSC_0005 DSC_0004 DSC_0013


Think the next best thing would be to make some spherical top mounts, which would give the front a touch more lift and be less shit then the opel solution. this would be good spot to compare something really shit to the opel mounts, but nothing is shit enough.

And one pretty shot of the new server, which i’ve decided to call X101H, and the domain is ramp rather then moloch, not really sure why but i’m alright with that.


extra fat chicks please

Finally fitted the X101H asus eee-pc into its custom box.

IMG_20150113_142813 IMG_20150113_142823 IMG_20150113_145043

Stuck in a new 500GB hard drive today, Point linux, debian just requires more work to stay up todate, i’ll trade the reliability.

IMG_20150119_173428 IMG_20150119_173508

Yep Sky+ box, needs a top lid to finish.

To the BajaCorsa:

IMG_20150113_102140 IMG_20150114_100818

Feck all snow to test the snow tyres.

got my lift springs this morning so i charged in. RJ5398 estate astra f dual rate springs.


On this end, the bottom if it matters which way up it should go in, got a mouth about 55mm wide.


The top of the cosrsa spring is about 35mm wide.


But both of them have one 40mm end, so in it went, it’s not perfect but i can eventually make up a spacer to firmly locate the upper spring. it’s not going anywhere right now, the static sag is a bit on the non-existent side…


Front came off nice and easy, left is corsa right is the combo. had a though after i swapped the first leg, should look at the upper thrust bearing, bit ropy, so a bit of a clean and some grease and on went the second leg.


Rears on, axle stands no longer tall enough.


Getting late, both ends done


Test drive shows that the lack of static sag makes lots of topping out bangs, so to bring that sag back, two spare wheels, all the old shocks and springs and a box of tools.


That left rear shock was leaking anyway, more driving needed, may swap shock about, most of the road holes are on the left anyway

Made it to the shops later, no nice finishing pic, too damn busy. only done 2-3 miles, steering massively lightened with nice thrust bearings, me likey.



Replace front bumper with tube work and a winch next time i’m let out.

Found a serow225 in the shed, nice. think I’ll be getting the knoblies for the xl250.


Lifted Corsa

Loving the knobblies, found one small muddy hill to attack, mega ruts and holes half the size of the car, did great.
didn’t do it twice tho, farmer in a pajero was judging me 🙂




more muddy trails and patches needed, scrub/waste land would probably give me punctures. might be just be alright for shots maybe.
have a Nikon D40 for good photos, can’t find the charger 🙁

Fixing things up

This 88 landrover thing is in Dublin zoo, annoyingly good shape..


Next up i was poking at my main computer when the heaksink fell off!


Easy to fix up, bigger fan along with some arctic paste of some sort i got off Donal about a million years ago.


Bigger quieter slower, all good.


Parts for the BajaCorsa!



Got given rear springs from a 00 astra, the wrong one’s. Combo front look the job.


Spent a few days chasing a set of 14″ wheel, gave up and dug these out.


Colour works i think.


Spare wheel also has some colour


If you like that sort of thing 🙁


Disc’s look a bit worn. and very tiny for a 995kilo car.


this passed it’s NCT about 200 miles ago?! the fuck are we paying for this shite in Ireland.


7.50 x 16 on a Corsa? why not?


By this time any way i’d only found three of my old starlets wheels, the feck with it any way i wrapped the new tyres on two at least.


Though i had tracked the third one down in there, nope some 5 stud wheel with two trees growing through it.


Only shot i have with new tyres fitted, must say the extra half inch plus the et38 fill out the archs nicely, also there appears to be enough space between strut and tyre to fit a 650mm. good to know…
Ended up wrapping the old et49 rims with the knobblies for the rear. But i could barely see my hands at that point it got so dark. also i’m working for the next thee days so i won’t see any more sunlight until Thursday


Another Thing NCT centre failed at, the ABS sensor wire has come adrift and was rubbing again the wheel.


Leaks but it’s still damping as it should. Spring it 13.5mm wire Dia. and 40mm opening at each end. might need that info to finally get the springs i need. may even have to get new ones. :/ don’t wanna spend much more money.


Mega updatesZ!

No excuses I’ve been doing feck all.
Got Married and now i have a proper welding mask, wedding gifts don’t come better.


Also a lathe turned up, nope it’s not working yet 🙂




Took the motor out of the dominator for the GB400, supposed to take the CR gearbox out of the GB and put it in the 650, i’m all for just swap and go playing!


In other news i got this for free… i may have been robbed… (figure of speech mum, your car is lovely!)




Picture do not show ‘orrible hub caps. Recognize the grey paint?

Leaks in the rear, fixed by making a rubber gasket out of a car mat.



Leaking in the front fixed by liberal application of cheap army surplus store stuff. Yes i breath through that pollen filter.


Bit dead that one..



Looking at the stut tops up there and the rear axle..




I have a new found respect for the x10xe, it seems to be pulling the remains of a vectra A/cavalier C. I.E. a fucking huge fat car.

If i fit Vectra rear springs and dampers, Corsa Combo font struts, a winch, some 620mm winter knoblies with the archs cut up and disconnect the EPS, i should feel right at home 😀

Sunroof is a prime spot for a turret too 😛

Lastly (that i can remember anyway) is the yzf750, i got some cheap forks and a non busted front wheel. the fork as a bit shite but they don’t leak and a change of oil and some fine tuning of the chome (wet n’ dry ftw) should see the yzf bombing about the place looking oh so 90’s.




That would be, if i could find where the feck i put the top yoke!

also the XL250K3? yep that runs 😀