A lesson

So we went to the tall ships a while back..

I took a picture of this awesome crane.

Later on we tried to finally get niki’s gpz500 working again

Nice paint job!

Lesson one: make sure engine works well before any paint jobs

lesson two: buy a honda

what needs a piece of wood to fix it?

the centre stand, no idea how the PO could have stood the racket the stand made as it clattered and banged off the chain and the swingarm. Perhaps that was why is was so cheap?

Welding rusty exhausts

is not fun, but first niki’s gpz500 has it head back on:

Onwards with fixing sarges rusty rebel 125 exhaust, first the link pipe was poked until i was sure we had solid metal

then the header was bashed about for the same reason, the inner skin was solid the blowing noise came from a small bleed hole that was meant to work inside the outer skin.

Big patch for a big hole.

Then i moved onto the gilera runners exhaust, decided to whip off the outer shield which is meant to stop a burnt leg. It’s useless extra unsprung weight.

Chopped off the mounting lug then smoothed the whole side apart from the dent, might cover the dent with some sort of welded art?

Tuning parts ought to be here for next tuesday, twiddling my thumbs looking for the bbq paint till then.

Busa fairings

A big box from china arrived the other day.

Yup, bastards.

Do you see the resemblance?

Anyway, also this week I’ve been helping niki with his gpz500, here we are getting the mateing surface’s quite clean.

Then i was playing with the 3ma’s carbs, at first i was happy to see the 210 main jets, but then i looked closer.. mismatched bits and the carb icing circuit was beyond saving.

also there 30mil carbs ? should be 32mm on a 3ma1.

spares are 32mm, whew, reckon they switched to the 30mm carbs and used the bigger carbs 210 jets and a few other bits to compensate for the race exhaust and the autolube. I’ll just buy some bigger jets.

Three Wheeled Shenanigans

Cad course is working out great for me, found a guy their who own his own engineering shop, i’m designing a supercharger for the runner and the tuk tuk 🙂

In the last month or two i have actually done something, niki’s intruder chain for one was quite a bit worn out.

Head is off the gpz500, gasket looked okay, hmm

Found this in the garage, nice pipe eh?

Manly carbs stick out sideways. folding pegs for heroic corner action.

Oil cooler for the massive engine, not sure what size but it has to be at least 125 hope fully 150cc

And a top box, it has to have a top box lol

Sarge spent 3500 euro and this pile of shite.

neither of em can actually fit in the sidecar..

i nicked the seat 🙂

5 wheeler?

5 seater!

I’d like to meet the man who design this steering damper, then do something horrible to his right arm.

Wherer to start with the slagging? the front.

front brakes siezed. (sarge didn’t notice)

steering damper only works going right. (design fault)

steering damper limits lock. (design fault)

no reverse.

engine puking rusty coolant all over it’s self. (sarge didn’t notice)

rear air shocks have been replaced with hagons from a kiddies tricyle (not a millimetre of suspension travel,sarge didn’t notice)

the chair suspension is off a trailer, indespension, no damping at all.(design laziness)

rear brake (the only brake) requires you to lift your entire leg up to reach it and then stand on it and hope you don’t lock up. (pain in right leg, sarge thinks he’s having a heart attack)

over sized rear tyre rubs drive shaft.

gearchange design is so cave man, harley would be proud.

engine shake’s like a bastard under 2000 when you open up the throttle.

engine barely pull’s first gear, new clutch soon.

can’t see out the windscreen.

the wiring.

neither of them can properly fit on the bike, the drivers back rest actually squashes sharon right into her own back rest, and the back of sarges back rest is just a rusty pointy bolt.

I’m sure i could extend this list by alot, but the vitriol is running out.

Whats it like to drive? painful, the steering is direct like a go kart, but is stiffer to correct it to the right thanks to that fucking steering damper, so one arm hurts more then the other, neck hurts from craning it to look over the screen. your whole body is knocked left to right by the chair, can you imagine trying desperately to hold the bars straight, while the their swaying (not turning) violently? it’s like a permanent tank slapper. I’d love to see what a properly done sidecar might handle like, if my tuk tuk manage’s to out handle this thing i may revise my statement about all sidecars designers mothers.

So sarge again has blown a chunk of some one elses money on a pile of shite, what the hell could i have done with €3500? in six months i could have turned it into 10,000 easily provided i didn’t get distracted by building a twin engined hayabusa unicycle. topped with an inflatable duck.

Niki’s dogs.

Niki said he needed a hand getting the head off his bike.

He mixed up the rocker cover with the head so there was allot to do really and not enough time to do it in, the coolant pipes leading into the head were stuck so we squished them.

Surprise a pristine engine, could have eaten dinner off it, this bodes well for the future.

Niki’s dog however would eat his dinner off your face, i got him to stop moving just long enough to take this photo with a chocolate bar. Be warned there will be more cute dogs on this blog because I’ve volunteered for the CSPCA, waves hand slowly “you want to give these doggies a home, even the snarling frothing one-eyed pit fighter” /jedi mind trick

Kawasaki’s today

Got sarges vn1500 over to his new place finally, did have to part dismantle it and borrow straps to get it in the van. Clubmans would look awesome on a chopper, getting silly urges lately to build a monstrously huge chopper with a 2 litre turbo diesel auto car engine, some thing that would punch holes in anything that got in front of it.

whiles i was at a sarges old place had a quick look at the fx400 bar’s,

think we better get them on the gpz stat, it just looks so ass heavy.

engine management check light

you need it to be out these days to take your driving test, so fecking annoying, bulb is a little led soldered to the board so I filled the hole above it with chewing gum, take that opel corsa! and Irelands stupid laws!.

Sat and looked at these for a while, yellow one has a dead four stroke engine and the blue two stroke one has dead electrics, could I make a series hybrid motorcycle out of these? big capacitors are quite cheap compared to battery’s just need an ac controller that can handle 230v.

Then we went to stick niki’s 500 back together, paint is way too soft but it looks good from miles away.. will get some pics soon, phone battery died 🙂

swap one bike and start three more projects

gpz500: it won’t run very well after it’s eaten it’s own (23 year old) airfilter….

NEWS: Since i now own the fastest bike in the world, do i really need the ypvs to put into the xt350? dad has been wanting it for ages, so hes’ gonna put the tzr250 suspension bits on it and tidy it all up, the brother is gonna get the fathers rd375 with it’s long alloy tank and other trick bits so he can finish his own rd thing and i’m gonna put the tzr250 engine into the xt350(sorry choco should have been quicker), also i get this gsxf600, which i can’t decide right now but it looks like it might go into the jago, it’ll be a little two wide for the tuk tuk so thats almost certainly getting the fx400r engine and if the jago is  not fast enough, bigger suzuki’s share the same engine mounts, easy upgrades.

Decisions decisions decisions….

Gpz 500, sv650 shock

It went right in there no problems, both ends drilled out to 12mm (not by me) and the bottom end widened by 2mil. So half a litre of fuel in and off down the hill we went (niki on the 500, me on ma ‘busa), got to petrol station filled it right up and i took it out gave it full throttle in the hope that that would clear out the carb/engine. Nope and it was raining by now too so i got a bit wet waiting for sean in the van to pick me up, Weirdly i enjoyed getting wet, it’s great once your not having to work in it.’Busa is fantastic very smooth and a really comfy seat, got 160 out of it after about 5mins and in the rain 😀 i’m normally very reserved on a new bike….

Think i’ll find a spare dented busa tank and paint all the busted spare fairings in a tokyo police spec scheme, the bike equivalent of a certain Max’s ford falcon xb coupe…..