Three Wheeled Shenanigans

Cad course is working out great for me, found a guy their who own his own engineering shop, i’m designing a supercharger for the runner and the tuk tuk 🙂

In the last month or two i have actually done something, niki’s intruder chain for one was quite a bit worn out.

Head is off the gpz500, gasket looked okay, hmm

Found this in the garage, nice pipe eh?

Manly carbs stick out sideways. folding pegs for heroic corner action.

Oil cooler for the massive engine, not sure what size but it has to be at least 125 hope fully 150cc

And a top box, it has to have a top box lol

Sarge spent 3500 euro and this pile of shite.

neither of em can actually fit in the sidecar..

i nicked the seat 🙂

5 wheeler?

5 seater!

I’d like to meet the man who design this steering damper, then do something horrible to his right arm.

Wherer to start with the slagging? the front.

front brakes siezed. (sarge didn’t notice)

steering damper only works going right. (design fault)

steering damper limits lock. (design fault)

no reverse.

engine puking rusty coolant all over it’s self. (sarge didn’t notice)

rear air shocks have been replaced with hagons from a kiddies tricyle (not a millimetre of suspension travel,sarge didn’t notice)

the chair suspension is off a trailer, indespension, no damping at all.(design laziness)

rear brake (the only brake) requires you to lift your entire leg up to reach it and then stand on it and hope you don’t lock up. (pain in right leg, sarge thinks he’s having a heart attack)

over sized rear tyre rubs drive shaft.

gearchange design is so cave man, harley would be proud.

engine shake’s like a bastard under 2000 when you open up the throttle.

engine barely pull’s first gear, new clutch soon.

can’t see out the windscreen.

the wiring.

neither of them can properly fit on the bike, the drivers back rest actually squashes sharon right into her own back rest, and the back of sarges back rest is just a rusty pointy bolt.

I’m sure i could extend this list by alot, but the vitriol is running out.

Whats it like to drive? painful, the steering is direct like a go kart, but is stiffer to correct it to the right thanks to that fucking steering damper, so one arm hurts more then the other, neck hurts from craning it to look over the screen. your whole body is knocked left to right by the chair, can you imagine trying desperately to hold the bars straight, while the their swaying (not turning) violently? it’s like a permanent tank slapper. I’d love to see what a properly done sidecar might handle like, if my tuk tuk manage’s to out handle this thing i may revise my statement about all sidecars designers mothers.

So sarge again has blown a chunk of some one elses money on a pile of shite, what the hell could i have done with €3500? in six months i could have turned it into 10,000 easily provided i didn’t get distracted by building a twin engined hayabusa unicycle. topped with an inflatable duck.

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  • Steve says:

    with E3500 you could have acquired this………….mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nice!!

  • terraroot says:

    pah, your not supposed to buy them all shiny and expensive, you buy a rare limited edition 20 year old bike that once its tidied up will appeal to 40 year olds with extra money they’ve got once the kids have been kicked out of the house. like a 3ma, do you know anyone with a 3ma in need of a little attention?? 😀

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