will attempt to put on rear tyres and weld up front arm today, or go for a spin instead…



computer salvage

Amstrad drx890, aka as a sky+ box, salvaged a nice 500gb hard drive, an sata cable, a molex ide to sata power cable and a little heat sink. also the metal it’s made of will be used for other projects. can’t be arsed doing anything with the chip, I’m pretty sure it runs linux, just not interested in re-purposing it.rPHOTO_20140424_155004

Moloch is doing well, i gave up on trying to use mdadm software raid and started with LVM, bit of man page reading and bish bash bosh up and running in under a three hours, with only four drives and no need for a fifth system drive, got a whole 400GB’s of space for media and made a 40GB for owncloud. the beauty of LVM is that i can resize any of these logical volumes on the fly, feel like a proper admin now 🙂  soon some game servers will be up and running on this box, all i have to do is find a game that cross’s minecraft and GTA..


Gotta go play Enemy Territory at a LAN party, so i made a short ATX case to make carting about my quad core easy or even possible considering the weight of the bugger. This is the front getting glued on. Some interesting paint and handle to come, but it better be quick drying paint..


Left overs, just bought a 4″ vice some cheap little clamps and a pin hammer to help form all this flimsy sheet metal into RC car parts.


Carpet covered cloud server


Well that vt6410 card don’t work, bios has to support it, probably use the card some time in the future anyway.


So carpet covered server?


Weight them down to make sure it’ll stick well


Then i decided it should be upside down, so i got the small draper hand rotary drill thing (don’t say dremel!) and drilled the five holes i needed to bolt in the meccano hard drive caddy.


Then i decided we didn’t need a face


Extra usb internal ports, will be some how running debian as the system drive here, usb booting is crap with this motherboard, only recognizing the usb every now and then. also at this point the draper’s drill bits melted trying to drill the slightly thicker motherboard caddy metal, so i just just use one nut and bolt to hold the usb female ports on.


Now i needed quiet, most people use either resistors or a 7 volt mod to their PSU’s. i just found a 6v wall wart in my pile of stuff and wired up two big fans with the best bearings. also made it unplug-able in case of upgrades and just to make installing the wires around the case easier.


Hair bands, from back when i was long haired and cool.


Plastic meccano missiles, coz what the fuck else am i gonna use them for?


Here we are, really quiet, sitting on it’s face now, heat path should all be up. hard wired for speed, administrated via ssh, sitting at 52 degrees which is a bit hot, but it’s a warm day and fuck it, i’m not worried. Named it Moloch….


Next is a longer IDE cable for the hard drives, the one i have that will fit is ata33, then some fucking about with a usb key as the system drive.

Teds ypvs racer is looking well!

rPHOTO_20140404_130643 rPHOTO_20140404_130719 rPHOTO_20140404_130708

Proper radiator needed to cool the athena 397cc top end


An update!

Been a while eh? Kidney disease, very rare auto-immune Adult Minimal Change Disease, i’ve been in remission for a week, which is nice, so I got a haircut shaved my outa control beard.

Still off my face on steroids, having roid-rage at missing tea towels, eating everything (lost 17kg of water and fat, 72kg stickman now) but it’s time for an update, even half dead i managed to fix a few things 🙂

Teds new toy!, he wanted a GB500 for sometime, in the end he now has a GB400TT slighty tatty


Tatty is good because it will be getting the dominator 650 engine, then were gonna pop the 400 into the domi for the crack.


Cub90 longstoke racer head, really should have found an E22 head, but I’ll make it work, gonna raise the port to match the 22mm inlet i have, here I’ve finished lapping in the valves, there were well bad. actually the short side turn wasn’t so bad so once I’m done it should flow reasonably.


Nikki broke his car again 🙂


Noel Quinn top man, lent me this Chinese 110 just in case i blow the 90 racer, the other lads can still have ago.


Niall Mackenzie’s old yzf750r caburys boost race leathers, i fit in them now ‘coz I’m skinny.
likely to let me race in them? ha no.


And finally, over the last month and a half I couldn’t drive the bike, the poor landy never broke down! But it has been getting slower the poor thing. So a service, dad helped with all the bits that needed an arm (and not a wet noodle arm). We replaced the lift pump, fuel filter, oil + oil filter.
Cleaned out the mesh filter in the tank again too. The lift pump should have been replaced when i cleaned and sealed the tank. 1400 miles before i fecking changed the oil, really should have done when i got, lazy bastard.


Also a catch tank for the engine breather was zip tied into place, and some where along the way i replaced the rad cap and chucked the useless engine fan and duck taped up some internal hot air vents to try in vain to keep the windscreen demisted me vaguely warm. two coats, MX gloves, a hat and a full head scarf did most of the work 🙂

It’s all fast again, needs the correct gearbox oil to speed up the changes, then a longer ratio transfer box. still not enough boost, gonna play with pump setting but i still think it the crappy intercooler and pipe work. Later when I’m not so dependent on it.

Roll on summer, good kidneys and my bike!

More brake problems

but first a little break from real work:


only a quickie up the road, rear drum brake is a oval-ed but it runs good, really surprising actually. which is just another way of say my cbr’s suspension is very dated…

back to work, bled truckie’s brake, burst a solid pipe. not a nice sound, bloody lucky it went now and not on the road.


all tidied up now, everything seems sorted..


bloody shit sealey ak506 brake line flaring kit is wrecked, only made 3 flares (not including fuckups, practice go’s and mistakes), will mod it to work again, can’t be arsed getting a more expensive kit or dealing with ebay sellers.

Rc stuff


that was sarahs contribution.

Sooo anyway, things that have happened since the start of the month.

I finally got me a kawasaki, never owned one.

Pity about the unique colour. already removed the kiddy crap, haven’t gone out yet tho..

so to the hobby stuff, gonna make the tt01 into a truck. for no good reason. first i pulled it out.

also since the brothers gone back to canada, i got all his rc stuff, got about 4.5 cars now 🙂

This is his charger, which is an american 110v so i have to make it run on 12v

So im gonna chop up an ATX PSU, and make it into a stable 12vdc output. a green sense wire needed earthing and i put 4 yellows and 4 black wires onto posts and that gave me 11.5v, i added a 20w 8.5ohm to a 5v line and got the voltage up to 12.1, happy but it could be better since under load it drops to 11.8ish, but the charger is happy.

and hear it is happily charging everything.

cb1100r finally moving under its own power, glorious sound.

Have a smashed up lawnmower.

things to restore

May put aside 10 mins each day of my break to restore (ha!) either of these things, first this vintage stiga compact ride on, 8hp b&s is probably weather seized and the deck is well fooked, if i can get the engine to turn over i’ll keep the eyes peeled for a second hand deck.

Perfect for teds small garden, even fit through the gate.

Teles two man chain saw, probably sw4, 1940/50’s at least

options here:

a, RPC, just in case godzilla atacks, you never know…

b, strap it to anything, instant +10 manliness, fiat cinqs, ice cream vans, tuktuks..

The Length!

fucking crocodile dundee would be like,”Shit mate, i didn’t see you behind that chain saw. I’ll put my knife thoothpick away now..”

Job stuff

just servicing lawnmowers ain’t all that interesting, but there are interesting lawnmowers..

a duraforce lawnboy, and guess what? yep it’s surging bad lol, i”d buy this twostroke beast just to see exactly how this monster cuts up grass.

also berg toys, this freestyler is actually fun, unlike the cart.

no pics of us *ahem* “testing” it, owner might be watching…..

awesome day

first day off work today, so had a lazy morning then got cracking,

the bajaj got another carb, dellorto 21.5 left over from the runner plus the ginormous air filter.

It was still misbehaving after that so i stripped off the tin ware to have a look just in case and then replaced the coil with something that had been left out side in the rain for 4-5 years and not just one winter.

And by fuck it worked! reved out sweetly but hung so it’s lean, least i can find jets for this carb, but it may be a better idea to buy another 24mm oko, since i have a few jets for that. Second hand expansion pipe, shorten up the inlet, 8000rpm CDI and some porting. Yeah still slow but i think thats not really goning to be a bad point.

Then the day got even better, new helmet arrived and the fooker fitted! 😀 goes well with new jacket too.

Can’t wait for first paycheck

New job is fun

I’m officially a mechanic now, i actually have a job fixing engines, ok its only lawn mower engines, but it does have its advantages, like the first pair of tractor tyres like below that turn up i’m nicking them to change the tuktuk into an offroad terror/survival vehicle.

the 7 foot long two stroke two man chainsaw, i’m keepin as a secret project……

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