more swapping bits!

Teds finally got a superlight xl250!, looks a bit rough in this pic, but it’s aleady got a bit of tart up and it looking very tasty, the k1/2 xl250 is much lighter and more sought after then my k3, and is much less broken.


it’s still  broken mind, piston and barrel scored to buggery, teds going to use a cb250rs piston in the k1/2 barrel, it a got a few differences, couple of mill bigger, crown is higher but squish is lower, ted will be looking for some thing low compression, easy to start. but thats all later, need a barrel and piston now! so, take one unloved xl250k3:


Add twenty minutes of bolt undoing:


And we left that there, ted changed tyres on his XL and i got lunch. after lunch i had a stupid idea..


It rolls!, chains fine, air still in the never used sava race tyre.


TDR is not doing anything, so out it came and nope, bottom bearing is huge, listed it as 48mm, probably the earlier tdr with the tube frame, this TDR is 55mm o.d. bottom bearing. pity as it was a clean front end, even it was two long.


RD200 front end is also a possibility, wouldn’t mind a drum brake, as long as it’s better then a stock rxs. don’t have one right now but it might turn up in the future.


Bolted my cbr back together, new found respect for my tiny 276mm after the shot bros brake. new axle collar for the bearings make me happy, i could now tighten up the axles and still rotate the wheel, great! wheel is still banjaxed tho, couldn’t find my spare.


Arcade is going ahead soon, a day spent playing retro arcade games at Sarges house has convinced me it will be excellent


Sparkly Sparks

Fixed up the wiring loom, removed the indicators and hot wired the ignition, got spark! gotta work and stuff for next couple of days so the first start will be on monday, right after i score some cheap or even second hand oil. (much flushing to do)


Would love to have this dt400 on the road instead,


Nope. if the engine was less smashed this would make a awesome motard, with rg125 suspension/wheels. Next time.


Rob the front mudguard, almost a perfect fit for the xl. so nice i nearly got caught up in cleaning it but quickly stopped myself. will make a bracket after the engine rattles to life.


moloch now has three cores and an awesome profile shot:


Zero titles given.

Xl’s carb is clean,all thats left before i attempt to start it is one wire and some engine oil.


Took the thicker bros 400 top tee piece to use with the cbr,


Gave it a lick of paint, this will fit on my cbr and give me Mx bars. where to attach them is a whole other problem.


XL250k3: beat it into shape

Air filter is doing the business, not.


all four tappet lock nuts are there, nothing looks too bad in there.


Points, well they are there at least.


Spent the rest of the day beating the clutch arm, got it all in good condition now, the roller bearing at the top is seized and missing a few rollers, so that’ll have to be replaced, but it’s good enough now for a test spin. Also beat the bent arm that’s supposed to fit on the star wheel, good enough for a test spin. only took one whack too, skills 🙂

The camchain tensioner lock up set-up is banjaxed, the threads all mullered, so i had to make something to actually lock the guide. when i replace the guides (have to take the flywheel off) i can take the tensioner out and with that out i can fix the threads. hog it out to M8. it’ll leak a bit of oil but no worries.


Niki came over and we span over the bros for 5 minutes on the land rovers battery, it started! good honda. engines fooked,but lack of oil and 100mph will do that to anything. scrapping it, might try to sell it whole to a breakers but if other people need stuff i’d break it myself and give niki the money.