vn1500 trike

Sarges has all ways wanted one, and here it is!

It uses a ford english axle, i like how it’s mounted and it turns out that i know the guy who owns it, might just get him to make up the bits for sarge.

nikis ex/gpz 500 is comeing together, found tanks rubbers off the other kawasaki’s at sarges. The rear number plate light is off of something else so no number plate light. Just needs a rear shock and the side panels fixed and maybe bleed the front brakes.

Nobodys around today to help move the welder and the needed sheet steel to sort the bajaj, tomorrow hopefully

Sarges vn1500a


Not supposed to be like that.. also the wireing for the fan is worn through and the main harness, a water hose has nealy been holed and the fuel filter was on the wrong way around. haven’t even started yet.


All the bits scooped out, the airbox is made of Seven pieces! Oil leak seem to be comeing from the lower rocker cover, engine out job, not doing it, Sarge has had 3 week to come up with the money to pay for the work, does he have any? fuck no. Will i do lots of hard work for no money? fuck no.


Carbs out, jets ordered, it did have 112 front jet and a 115 back so I’m going to try a 125 front and a 127 rear, mostly coz that all I could find, not because there right.