swap one bike and start three more projects

gpz500: it won’t run very well after it’s eaten it’s own (23 year old) airfilter….

NEWS: Since i now own the fastest bike in the world, do i really need the ypvs to put into the xt350? dad has been wanting it for ages, so hes’ gonna put the tzr250 suspension bits on it and tidy it all up, the brother is gonna get the fathers rd375 with it’s long alloy tank and other trick bits so he can finish his own rd thing and i’m gonna put the tzr250 engine into the xt350(sorry choco should have been quicker), also i get this gsxf600, which i can’t decide right now but it looks like it might go into the jago, it’ll be a little two wide for the tuk tuk so thats almost certainly getting the fx400r engine and if the jago is  not fast enough, bigger suzuki’s share the same engine mounts, easy upgrades.

Decisions decisions decisions….



  • choco says:

    Nice one, some nice projects going for the three of ye. I should really concentrate on the rgv anyway. i will once i have the civic on the road. Then no more projects, car or bike till i get the dam rgv finished:)
    Whats the busa like? Pin the throttle back and dump the clutch and see if it wheelies:)
    I painted the whole side of the civic yesterday. it was perfect, finish and blending was spot on. then it rained after being sunny all day and fucking wrecked it. I might leave it as is, as its a sleeper anyway.

  • TerraRoot says:

    Rat civic! a proper fast rat too, throw a pic up on your blog

    Busa is quite fast but really civilised at the same time, wanna do a test swap with your R1? i think dumping the clutch at any speed might be a bit silly but i’ll gladly test that idea on your bike for ya?

    seans rd375 teds ypvs my xtdr250 your rgv250 and moms rs250, we could probably make MCN maybe even PB!!

  • choco says:

    Ha, the irish 2 stroke family:) Ya the R1’s engine is very civilised iswell until you rev it high. The comfort isn’t as civilised:) Next year is the dead line for the rgv, it has to be done by then. Straight after the civic ill start back at the rgv. small bits left to do to the civic but its the small things that take time.
    Ya we’ll go for a spi some day.

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