Welding rusty exhausts

is not fun, but first niki’s gpz500 has it head back on:

Onwards with fixing sarges rusty rebel 125 exhaust, first the link pipe was poked until i was sure we had solid metal

then the header was bashed about for the same reason, the inner skin was solid the blowing noise came from a small bleed hole that was meant to work inside the outer skin.

Big patch for a big hole.

Then i moved onto the gilera runners exhaust, decided to whip off the outer shield which is meant to stop a burnt leg. It’s useless extra unsprung weight.

Chopped off the mounting lug then smoothed the whole side apart from the dent, might cover the dent with some sort of welded art?

Tuning parts ought to be here for next tuesday, twiddling my thumbs looking for the bbq paint till then.

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