dt175mx done blowed up

Day started well, planned to put on tyre and fit temp gauge. you can see the off road tyre was getting quite chewed.

Popped out for milk later and well i might have spanked it a bit hard, for those that don’t know 250C is melting aluminium time, if it reached 238C at the spark plug it got well hotter than that. and i wasn’t quick enough on the clutch.

I have my suspicions about that exhaust port, it’s a couple of mm lower on one side, and the high corner is the one that seized, to much exhaust T.A on a air cooled bike makes it run hot and lose power, have to find what the stock port should be!


So eh, time to make one of those spare bikes go? James helped!

More tuning to come of the DT, i had too much fun and need a two-stoke permanently in my life, it a new house rule.

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