DT175MX new pipe

New pipe fitted, from yambits, quite inexpensive, really gave it a proper powerband up top super entertaining to ride now. and not because the brakes are suddenly not up to the job

midrange is a little bit weak, or it was me just tip toeing about since the noise is really loud now and i don’t want to piss my neighbours off.


also note the stud on the right was buggered at some point, 10mm stud upgrade! for only one side!


Shots down the barrel, this is as low as i can put the piston, transfers are still shrouded, so lifting the barrel will work great.

but only after i find a better combustion chamber, blaster ysf200 head on the right is 6x97mm and the DT on the left is 6x93mm, neither head is a performance head, the offset squish was terrible idea and the tiny chamber and buried plug of the blaster won’t work too well at higher output.

it175 d/e/f will fit but are over 40 years old and a little expensive, i think the DT175 84-96 might fit, but i can’t find good pics.


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