DT175 tuning work

So time for some DT love

Kick start doesn’t quite fit, a s/h one is quite expensive and a new pattern one broke immediatly.

Stock filter is long gone, this works well enough, no change of rain water getting in i think.

had issues with the pilot jet acting lean, it was a little bit of rust, blew through no worries

Previous bodge job, it works so i’ll leave it.

Further work needs a stand, batterys are heavier than the bike.

Blaster 200 head, it was cheap, but the studs don’t line up 🙁 really need a better combustion chamber/centralised bowl and squish band for any performance gain.

Offset inlet, don’t like that either, can change for a rd350 one (aircooled i think) but i’m worried the PWK will then hit the case, airbox will need a lot of work to fit a filter then.

Shiny Silencer

Jetting notes


Needs a video soon.

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