Prep? nope. Race? yep. Boom? YEP!

Got a three hour enduro race on at the local go-kart track, watergrasshill nifty fifty 2019

So a working bike is necessary! Need this to stop leaking, first attempt with carpet tak failed to no surprise.

JB-weld that fecker.

Special sauce also known as dihydrogen-monoxide, very important for re-magnetizing over heated inner rotor kits.

spent far too long making the side cover fit, and then ditched it in the end.

Ready to go? super light weight carbon end can fell off, so a rg125f end can was pressed into service. it was very very heavy.

Had a great race, all 27 minutes of it!

Some might say that taking on a 3 hour endurance race was too much for my old ass, and my only graceful way out was to select first while flat out in second at 10Krpm. Four times.

i think i just hadn’t got used to the new gear change setup

Took engine apart in the paddock, always wanted prove it was a 86cc in front of the other racers

Lovely destruction.

From last to sixth in the first lap, then i led for six laps before blowing up. proved i’m the best, just didn’t have to go the whole way to prove it.

Fastest laptime of the honda engines. Funkie Junkies have a YX of unknown CC with some honda cases slapped on the outside. Chicken Chasers were more open about it they have a YX120.

A Fish Called Honda (thats me!) is/was running an 86cc, next was Team Cider with a 107cc, then Classic bikes with their 114cc. All honda based, i’m the best

I’m stole the trophy because i’m also the sneakiest.

ok when i say stole i really mean traded my DNF prize of a Rolo easter egg. nice.

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