Cub 90 head work

Bought tools, this’ll help with foul-strokes.

speaking of the buggers, dissembled the c70 head.

Lovely isn’t it?

ports not touch much, i wonldn’t have shaped it like that

scrub scrub

polish polish, why? bored i suppose, now i have a head that could be used in a pinch.

removed the flywheel and future supercharge bracket, it’s possible my previous issues might be coil related, as the coils were off a lifan, and this engine is a zongshen.

borrowed the c70 IRK

all stop, have to gather some tools and some courage to tap these. please don’t hole the cases!

can you tell what my next bike maybe?

i consider this head a minor upgrade, the stock head and very offset plug and bowl.

tired of four stokes, so back to the rg125! deep breath, measure once and cut!

Repeat after me, angle grinder is a precision tool.

Looks good from that angle.

Fit’s here too.

bit wide here, but nothing is perfect.

Rust is lighter than carbon fiber.

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