Divorce your bike?!

More throttle housing fixing, the cheapo epoxy didn’t set, probably not mixed right, so scrapped it all off and put some honest to god JBweld on it.

Then test painted it with all the colours i had.

the only good bit of paint was the cyan one, the red reacted and the yellow had a clogged nozzle, whatever, the guys in front will know i’m coming.

Investigating more front clonks, turned out this bush was melted from way back in 2013 when the bike was burnt out. Pic doesn’t show it great, but the metal sleeve is quite offset.

Where’d the rest of the packing go?

didn’t have any replacement bushings about the place.

So, a bit of floor mat (as seen in the background) shoved in under the sleeve and trim off the excess burnt bit’s, it’ll be grand.

could not get the other shock off, the bottom arm bolt was well stuck in there, no unnecessary movement of the shock so i left it..

In some major sad news the cbr6 is off back to the pile from which it came. 12 years and 10 months of service, touring, track days, pizza delivery, daily commute. I think the rear wheel is the only original part now.

It could be fixed again, but after near 13 years of continuous use it has to die now, you gotta move on. ‘still cried tho.

and it was fecking hard to look back over all the pictures, mostly of the cbr smashed up.

what to replace it with eh?

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