Nifty fifty 2019 went ahead without me, sick wife meant no fun for me, however it was hilarious hearing all about how the pro racers did in my absence.

dead last, crashed twice and jumped the start. first ever restart in nifty fifty history afaik.

also they stopped racing because it would not go forward. not sure how they could not see that the front sprocket fell off…

Anyway, my dads new engine worked well so the old stock 70 is now surplus, mine now!

Poor thing.

88cc head, never got it running right for the race and took it all out for 86cc the day before the race.

c70 head, same head e22 as on my 90, except for all the missing chunks, and the sealing surface. this is after i abused the fuck out of it with a plank of wood and some sandpaper.

note the exhaust valve, just a bit burned!

easy repairs first for the race bike, throttle housing snapped, looking closely it was cracked a long time ago and only let go now.

also found another old crack, load of epoxy glue lathered on and it’ll be grand

Next thing is the gear change, what i had worked great for the manual 4 speed, but the auto clutch in the three speed is quite banjaxxed, and needs a bit of force to change gear.

so the lever could be a little longer, easily done. but the rod also needed to be longer, not having the right tools i done a bang up good job with stuff i found on the floor, quite literally.

Slicks for our not very good pitbike we intend to race against some quite good pitbikes..  more on that later.

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