Jago Jeep, no go :(




In the light of a nice day, there was no way I was gonna buy this, imperial mk1 escort gear, drum front brakes, water in the gear box, engine open to the air, and it looks like the whole front end was in the sea. while I have the ability to fix this up good, I don’t have a nice flat place to rebuild the chassis, so even though he only wanted €250, i couldn’t take it, I’d (for once) rather spend more and get an example that needs less done.

So I’m on the look out for another GRP bodied car, lots of dutton’s meet my criteria, not a lot of em in Ireland though, scimitar ss1? scimitar gts? tvr? gonna pm a guy in Laois who might have a jago jeep, if not then im gonna have to go to england.

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