stuff bought counts as work right?

So moloch got an update, just hardware, all the 6volt internal fans became external fans and the cpu got a normal 60mm, that happened to be three times deeper then the stock amd fan. only a two wire as well so i don’t know what speed its going at. got it from a sky+ box, nice and quite too 🙂


Managed to buy some land rover stuff, not a whole chassis, but for the bobs i got plenty, pair of defender axles, rears a salisbury!


The 109’s drums should fit, need a half shaft as well.


A caliper and a railko bush needed on the front, plus a load of brackets hacked off.


Whats this bit called anyway?


better door, only needs one patch and a pretty rare early series 3 bonnet, looks similar to a series 2 bonnet.


Made another patch for the chassis, but ran out of time to weld it in, coz sarge needed his front end rebuilt 🙂

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