Jago Jeep wheels

found a set of 15″ vw steelies in the shed of our new house, so it’d be rude not to slap the tyres onto the wellers and try to put the jeep on it’s legs.

No bothers getting the tyre to pop.

Not very stretched at all.

Bit of a difference in gearing huh?

have to find some way to pull the half shafts out of the axle to finish the rear brakes.

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  • John says:

    I have a half shaft pullers at home, did you get the car Tyres on yourself?? Would it be hard to get old Tyres off??

  • TerraRoot says:

    great, must concentrate on the tuk tuk for now tho, good to know you have half shaft pullers. yeah i can get car tyres on no worrys, i couldn’t get them off the 8″ wellers because the vice wasn’t wide enough or deep enough, the 6″ vw wheel were ok to fit and remove the tyres.

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