Sarges vulcan 1500c (it’s not an a anymore)

Got the jets in, they were the wrong ones, but they’ll do for now, so i got on with putting the rest of the bike together.


First obstacle, that can’t have helped the jetting


It was either shot or the man who tightened this deserves to be shot.


A test ride was needed either way, so with only half an airbox and thus half the air going into the engine, off I went, so damn fast I broke the speedo lol. duck tape and a zip was used to temporarily block the dodgy air filter.


After I sorted the head bearings (front tyres flat too) I popped off the exhaust to see if we could get the rattly inner baffles out, no joy, did discover more cracks which I welded up quite well actually and then as we were putting the pipe back on noticed that the jaw thing for the rear brake was nearly off its spline.

Front brake worn to metal

Front brake needed a bleeding (they didn’t work!)

Rear brake barely hanging in there.

Whatever about the crap exhaust piss poor jetting falling off pegs loose head bearing and flat tyres, brakes are fairly important like?!


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