Post crash analysis

Apart from the cat scaring the shit outta me on a dark night, causing me to jerk my back into spasm and stopping my breathing again, I’ve been fine!

Christmas has come and gone and we’re now getting back to normal, haven’t done much too much ice and cold out there, went up to the garage to-day, 2″ thick sheet ice all up the road, The runner is light so at a crawl speed i made it fine.

Got my claim form sent off, the other guy has admitted liability so all that stands in my way of money is the efficiency of allianze. Almost positive that i want a gsxr1100w (watercooled 93-98). the clipons are above the top yoke so easily turned into a mile muncher, if i need the seat a little lower a gsxr750 tail piece and seat ought to fit (much nicer look too) 155bhp is probably way over the top, but hey throttle works both ways and I’ll still probably have the cbr6. Which is getting a fresh start with a bright red frame and a gunmetal grey engine and body work.

Managed to get the rear shocks on the jago, too damn frozen to do any more.

The whole point of going up to the garage today was to check if i had any delivery, and i did, yay!  Still waiting for the ebay seller to get back to me about that servo saver, mailed him again today. Would have the meccano RC going now but for the saver saver.

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  • tim says:

    cool blog,some unusual stuff on here!!
    i got an unfinished project..road legal three wheeler..bajaj tuk tuk,98d,180 cc two stroke,some work done,needs more though plenty of rust has all documentation
    road reg etc,had it running(have footage on phone) but stripped at the moment was originally used as a promotional vehicle for cork tile store in funds to finish,plus could do with space…any interest in a swap for a rxs 100,half decent scooter etc?
    it,s in cork.

  • TerraRoot says:

    yep want that, will mail you.

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