No broken bits this time not even any skin, extremely bruised back though, bit tough to breath, sitting on couch with a board behind my back to ease the pain.


ejit made an illegal u-turn across my lane, alwell least i took a big chunk of it.


bit cold the other day!  clocks need setting straight they were always a bit bent looks a lot worse now with the screen to align them with.



125cc racer, note foldable pegs, large 90 tank, sticky rear tyre, can’t race this because its breaks the rules, but we might as well finish it now. Will bring it to watergrasshill to test it along side with my rxs100 probably next month since the race is feburary

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  • Steve says:

    ah now! hope you’re ok after that tumble! looking at the scratch marks on the road trying to work out what happened?

  • TerraRoot says:

    feeling better this morning, bit stiff all round, torn muscle in my inner thigh and my wrist is a bit buggered again.
    when he pulled in front of me i hit the front of his car with the lhs of the bike, squishing my foot between, motocross boots saved my foot, then the bike flipped onto its rhs tossing me forward so i landed on my head shoulder and back, all of my gear is toast is pretty much toast except the new boots that Sarah bough me for Christmas. on to gumtree now to look for new bikes i can afford 🙂 never liked the arai helmet either too noisy.

  • 54rg3 says:

    SCUMBAG CAGER……………………………..

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