Kyosho pureten alpha gp2



Got the urge to make a scale handling RC car after finding all this when I was moving house, got too many engines and not enough rear ends. Have all sorts of plans but first it looks like im gonna have to spend some money and get a steering rack and maybe a rear end diff.


Still broke right now even though I’m saving money with cheaper rent in my new place, so right now the exhaust for the starlet is waiting, an ep80 exhaust should do the job, but also for under €200 i could get 4-2-1 manifold made for a 5efe, might make more money back on the car if I get a proper exhaust.


Sold this triumph traveller for €20, go me! (don’t look ’em up on ebay)


This turned up, again we have no idea who what when or why, but it has a newly rebuilt head and a badly patched frame. I want it, convert it to single seater like the early 50’s and ride around pulling wheelies.

Runner is going fine, steve’s runner we got going the fine. shit just remembered have to go get him some bits off the runner 125.


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