Went on a bike run sunday at least 480 bikers were there, damn rolling road block runined the experience, not doing it again. fuck the little dying kiddies.

little bit cluttered but very nice, ted did the engine in this.

Color blind bike, who forgot to do up his helmet one day had a little crash, afterwards he decided to paint build this.

Monday was a long day, got a my rod ends in the post, they look great but wont fit, coarse thread. my fault for not asking about it from the ebay seller. but then again it should have been specified. no matter there were cheap and next time i’ll get the right thread.

Slapped in the washers on my rear dampers, which helps to keep em in one piece, used a thiner washer rather than the std very thick washer cum bump stop thing.

Did a little work on the atc, my shoulder and broken thumb stopped me from doing alot.

It looks bent, but i will have to measure it.

going for yellow and black, completely didn’t think that out really. yellow hammerite is about 3 time more expensive then black, if im not careful i will end up with one of those horrible flip paint jobs.

After dinner went out to mallow to fix up the guy who fixed my laptops bike, just a bit of welding and lots oh wd40.

didn’t go with Gentoo in the end, trying ubuntu with a faster desktop.

Tuesday went to dublin zoo, quite nice up there now, not as many animals walking about the place as fota, but it did have a citifarm, which brought back memories. i want straw as a floor!

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