Mondello, trackday 24th june 2015

Didn’t die! despite the brakes boiling over twice and being lumped in with the advanced class, totally unfazed. i only did 13 miles/10 laps but the cbr didn’t embarrass it’s self (brakes on fire don’t count) as i did in fact pass a gsxr750. ( yes it was driven by a ejit, but a win is a win) after that, the cousin’s share his GSXR1000 with me for the rest of that day had three 20minute sessions, got better each time, but the wheelie’s were too much, it was a fine line between getting the power down or smacking your face with the clocks.

going again next week to watergrasshill, but first we needed to fix teds ypvs/banshee, the athena/banshee barrels have massive water jacket ports just under the exhaust, the ypvs case doesn’t cover ’em.

image20150625_151504576 image20150625_151447785

No Pics of me on track yet, didn’t think i’d have time for photos so only phone camera shots.

image20150624_123511075 image20150624_123502788 image20150624_123437174 image20150624_123431985 image20150624_123422945 image20150624_092659493 image20150624_092649573

Didn’t manage to blow them cobwebs off anyway. some slicks, calliper seals and fresh brake fluid for next day 🙂


3ma with 3xv forks, makes a beautiful sound.


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