will attempt to put on rear tyres and weld up front arm today, or go for a spin instead…




  • choco says:

    I got gas for my welder. Made some difference. Night and day

  • TerraRoot Lande says:

    that auto darkening helmet Sean got me is the best ever improvement to my welding, especially stick welding.
    looks crap on the trx because the metal was dirty.
    got any running two-strokes this summer? i seem to have a small posse of people who say they’ll get em out for a run.

  • choco says:

    No i only moved the rgv up to tge new place im renting weds night so hopefully can crack in with it. Got one of those small hobby bottles of argon to see how mig welding alloy fairs out

  • choco says:

    And a 9 litre argon/co2 bottle fir steels. Ya i got an auto darkening helmet last year too. I dunno how i ever welded without one

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