extra fat chicks please

Finally fitted the X101H asus eee-pc into its custom box.

IMG_20150113_142813 IMG_20150113_142823 IMG_20150113_145043

Stuck in a new 500GB hard drive today, Point linux, debian just requires more work to stay up todate, i’ll trade the reliability.

IMG_20150119_173428 IMG_20150119_173508

Yep Sky+ box, needs a top lid to finish.

To the BajaCorsa:

IMG_20150113_102140 IMG_20150114_100818

Feck all snow to test the snow tyres.

got my lift springs this morning so i charged in. RJ5398 estate astra f dual rate springs.


On this end, the bottom if it matters which way up it should go in, got a mouth about 55mm wide.


The top of the cosrsa spring is about 35mm wide.


But both of them have one 40mm end, so in it went, it’s not perfect but i can eventually make up a spacer to firmly locate the upper spring. it’s not going anywhere right now, the static sag is a bit on the non-existent side…


Front came off nice and easy, left is corsa right is the combo. had a though after i swapped the first leg, should look at the upper thrust bearing, bit ropy, so a bit of a clean and some grease and on went the second leg.


Rears on, axle stands no longer tall enough.


Getting late, both ends done


Test drive shows that the lack of static sag makes lots of topping out bangs, so to bring that sag back, two spare wheels, all the old shocks and springs and a box of tools.


That left rear shock was leaking anyway, more driving needed, may swap shock about, most of the road holes are on the left anyway

Made it to the shops later, no nice finishing pic, too damn busy. only done 2-3 miles, steering massively lightened with nice thrust bearings, me likey.



Replace front bumper with tube work and a winch next time i’m let out.

Found a serow225 in the shed, nice. think I’ll be getting the knoblies for the xl250.



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